Weekend stuff

Lots of stuff so I’ll run it down in order.

Saturday my kit for Baltimore Halloween arrived from Amidon Quiltworks.

Very nicely packaged, with a huge tote bag to hold it all. And it arrived on the date they said I could expect it. Good shop, and they charged me actual shipping. 🙂

Sunday, first off I had to spend just a bit this morning finishing off my replacement WNRR.

Close up:

Sorry, pic came out a bit blurry. It’s taken from Winter Cove – By The Bay Needleart. I’m not overly thrilled. I mean I do like it, but the colors they are not what is on the chart photo. I mean there is so much difference I wonder if DMC was what she used in the model. And there is some shadowing under the bunny in the chart picture that is not charted. It turned out nice, but it didn’t turn out like the picture. The blank spot is where a ginormous tree lives. I haven’t decided if the happy huge tree will live on my RR. For now it’s blank, it’ll be easy enough to add when it comes home or to fudge the space then.

The one thing I didn’t realize until I was almost done with this, it bears a resemblance to a house I lived in when I was really little.

No picture of the house, just a painting that was done of it 15 years or so before I lived there.

Went out today to the drug store (cough drops etc… yes still sick, not really improving but not getting worse either… I think) and my Valentine’s Day present jumped into my arms.

Meet Wolfie and his baa. They sing. What do they sing? Why Hungry Like The Wolf of course. I Had To Have It. (found at Walgreens)

Then while watching this…

I didn’t stitch a whole lot on this…

On the left I did stitch the over one butterfly, and that took like 4 times longer than it would’ve if I’d stitched it over two. That was the first half of the game. All the rest was second half and a little bit after the game.

I love how the butterfly turned out. You can see the sprat stitch or whatever it’s called that I was bitching about last Sunday. I’m still not even liking it, I’ll pull it out next Sunday. I stitched most of the big flower and 2 acorns.

On the right side just a tulip and a star. This time out I only stitched on the part I had planned = plain cross stitch. I will be taking Karen’s advice and writting down a plan before I work on speciality stitches again.

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7 Responses to Weekend stuff

  1. KarenV says:

    Just curious – what don’t you like about the Sprat Stitch? It looks OK, but I’m not sure what it’s meant to look like.

    You’re still making great progress, even though it seems slow to you. I like your RR start too, nice layout and choice of design.

  2. Kathy A says:

    Well, good morning girl. That quilt looks just amazing. I love the colors and look forward to how it will all come together.
    I love the fabric for you new RR. I am sure once you see some stitching done on it, you will feel it more.
    Sorry to hear you have that dreaded cold, let’s hope it doesn’t stick around too long.

  3. Melissa C. says:

    Okay, this picture of the Sprat looks a lot better than the last picture of it. I think it’s okay to keep it. I rescind my disapproval of it. LOL

    The RR is a perfect use of the evening blue. I have a whole yard of the stuff I have never touched. It’s just so…bright.

    I thought of you yesterday when we were watching the game. WOO!

  4. Jenjen says:

    I was also thinking this pic of the sprat stitch looks much better than the last. If you decide you are still unhappy with it, maybe a more varigated thread would show off the way the stitch weaves together better. I think that is what I didn’t like in the last photo was that it looked more like a solid satin stitch and in this photo you can see the detail better.

  5. Michelle says:

    I love your ATS – I think the sprat stitch looks fine. My first installment of the Baltimore Halloween quilt came too…woohoo. I might need to practice a little applique before jumping in. Can’t wait to see your start!

  6. That quilt looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to see you work on it. I may die of envy.

    ATS is looking good. I hate to disagree with Melissa C, but I’m not loving the sprat either. It’s not bad; it just doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe it will grow on you?

  7. Annette says:

    I am in serious envy with that quilt. I love love love it. Really.

    Love the RR layout! I’ve got squares cut, but won’t get them mailed until I get back from Vegas. Too much to do!

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