A Sin of Omission

Alas there was no “Sinner Sunday” yesterday. Fear not; I will sin today. 😉 I was so close to a finish on HoHRH block 1 that I could taste it. And here it is for your tasting pleasure:

In other weekend excitement my cleaning lady came for the first time. I am so happy I could cry. My house is *clean* and I don’t have a sore back. It is a miracle.

And on Saturday the big thing! Remember the round robin drama? I never went into detail about it on the blog but if you frequent the same stitching BBs that I do, you probably know the whole story. Anyway… all 5 RRs that were held up came home! Another so happy I could cry moment.

Behold! The Return of Dogpatch!

I have already stitched my replacement for the WNRR and sent it out. I’m going to leave well enough alone and let that one continue on. I’ll finish off Dogpatch myself. I love this one so much it’s not going to bother me a bit to finish it.

So today I’ll trot off to the post office (to mail the other 4 RRs), Sam’s Club, library, ds’s allergy shots, finish the laundry, take ds to fencing & get some stitching done.

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8 Responses to A Sin of Omission

  1. I am equally happy for you about both the cleaning lady and the return of the RRs! Both are noteworthy accomplishments! I do hope that the cleaning lady is a permanent part of your life. Congrats on finishing the HoHRH block. It looks great!

  2. Jenjen says:

    I’m so glad to see the return of the RRs. 🙂 I had to laugh at the title of your post – definitely some Catholic influence on that one! LOL

  3. Jill says:

    I am jealous of your cleaning. Lucky you! I am sooooo glad that all of the RR’s came back. Love your HoHRH. I am going to be doing the HoHRS ?, anyway the Shores one. Thanks for all the wonderful comments you have left me on my blog. Take care.

  4. quietgirl255 says:

    Ahhh finished with a few days to spare! And a couple days to recoop before next month!

    Nice work!

  5. Michelle says:

    Congrats on finishing your HRH block! It’s fabuloso! And I am so glad to see the return of the RRs too – I am so shocked at how often this seems to happen. Love this one, so I’m glad you’ll be finishing it!

  6. marjean says:

    So glad your RR came home. My Mira RR made it home today too. It wouldn’t bother me to finish your rr either. It is so cute.

  7. Melissa C. says:

    OMG, the rebirth of dogpatch! I’m SO happy you finally won. 😀 HRH looks great. No Sinner Sunday here either – took the GS skiing. Congratulations on the cleaning lady. With the big hullabaloo here, mine is the first expense that was cut. Sigh.

  8. Susan says:

    So glad the RRs were returned! What a relief!

    Congratulations on finishing your first square of HOHRH!

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