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Going Over The River

All I have to show today is Over The River. I’m about 1/2 way done with the embroidery on panel 1. It’s not moving that slowly, there’s just that much of it. And today was the last class for OTR, … Continue reading

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Lots of little things

got done today. Played some DDR. Cleaned up a hairball left for me my one of my dear, sweet, lovable, couldn’t possibly live without them cats. Hit the quilt shop. Worked on some OTR embroidery. A little bit more ATS. … Continue reading

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Pssst. Eve, over here!

Palestrina knots aren’t really that hard. Monsieur Serpent’s spots are done in palestrina knots. It did take some doing, but I did finally figure out how to do them. There are few on him that I’m not too thrilled with, … Continue reading

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Two down

10 to go. Um yeah, that orange. It’s really orange. But you know what, I don’t think it really matters. I mean look at the block. There is a flock (murder? are those crows?) of hover birds. Hover Crows; the … Continue reading

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Back to the Hollow

House #2 is moving along much faster than #1 (knock wood). Everything but the house itself is complete and I’ve made a start on the door & roof. I’m stitching this with the DMC conversion and for the door it … Continue reading

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Woot! Good for Janlynn

In the comments in the post below this one there is a comment from the Janlynn Corp. I’ll copy & paste it here: ALL – At the beginning of the year I approved an SEO specialist to buy up domain … Continue reading

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Janlynn Corporation – Shame on you

I’m basically a money grubbing capatlist at heart. You let your domain expire, you gotta pay the extortion fee cyber squaters charge to get it back. You got a great idea, you can do it better – it drives your … Continue reading

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Some stitching to show. I finished up Sophia’s WNRR last night. I love her fabric somuch… Silkweaver’s Starquest. In my block I stitched a bit of Prairie Schooler’s Home For Chirstmas, the little sleigh was too cute not to stitch. … Continue reading

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The Trip

For those playing catch up. Dh earned us (by being one of the top five salesmen in his entire company) a super spiffy ALL expenses paid 5 day 4 night vacation to Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands. … Continue reading

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I'm back baby!

The view from lying in my lounge chair on the beach. 😛 No time for a real post, just wanted you all to know I made it back safe & sound and I’ll get a real post with more pictures … Continue reading

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