Janlynn Corporation – Shame on you

I’m basically a money grubbing capatlist at heart. You let your domain expire, you gotta pay the extortion fee cyber squaters charge to get it back. You got a great idea, you can do it better – it drives your competitor out of business? So be it.

But what Janlynn has done here is flat out dirty.

Most of us are familiar with 123Stitch. Janlynn whose company name is JANLYNN not 123Stitch, has gone out and registered 123Stitch.net. Oh look it’s the exact same as their website Janlynn.com. Scummy. Underhanded. And just plain not very nice. Illegal? Not even close. Ethically? Now, you’re getting into trouble.

But it gets better! Wanna read a Janlynn press release? Link. And I’ll copy paste it here:

Janlynn Corp Information
Denise Carter
URL: http://www.janlynn.com
Incorporated in 1979, The Janlynn Corporation (“Janlynn”) is a dominant worldwide craft supplier. Janlynn is a private, family business, whose core values center on maintaining the “family” in family business… treating employees, customers, consumers and suppliers with the same degree of respect as is found in strong family units. For more information on Janlynn Corporation visit http://www.janlynn.com or call 1-800-553-7510

Good thing they didn’t say they treated competitors with that “respect”, my head may have exploded.

They’ve also got a spiffy little press release here, talking up how wonderful and huge they are.

And after a Whois search, we get a little more information. John Kozub put his name on this. And while I don’t have his extention, you can call that 800 number above ask to be tranfered to his extention and leave him a voice mail. 😀

For me it boils down to this. Janlynn is trying to co-opt the name of an established business. They are trying to take money out of that other company’s pocket by means ethically bankrupt.

I would ask all my fellow cross stitchers and crafters out there to please think long and hard before you buy any product that is produced or distributed by Janlynn. Ask yourself, are these the kind of business practices I want my dollars to support?

Edited to add:

Please read the comments section of this post & this post. Janlynn has stepped up and corrected this situation. 😀

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7 Responses to Janlynn Corporation – Shame on you

  1. Rachel says:

    While this sucks 123stitch should have covered their backsides and purchased all dots. For what they can bring in, they should be able to pay for 10 years license with no problem.

    While I didnt call, I did leave a nice message with their “customer service”

  2. Melissa C. says:

    I don’t buy any of their crap anyway. You’re right though – it’s just gross, isn’t it?

  3. I can’t even think of a vile enough adjective. Like Melissa C., I don’t buy their stuff. But now, I’ll be trash-talking it all over the place. Ethically bankrupt for sure!

  4. KarenV says:

    I got an email from the original 123Stitch today about this and was not very impressed. I’m even less impressed now I’ve read your post and found out that Janlynn already has a website under the name Janlynn.com, so this is obviously a deliberate attempt to undermine a competitor. I do agree with Rachel that 123Stitch should have covered all bases, but this is just plain dirty 😦

  5. Donna Eaton says:

    I am upset about this company taking on the name Stich, I live here in Utah and although I haven’t bought any products, I love their newsletters. I didn’t know it couldn’t be taken care of with an attorney. I don’t know what should be done, except the constant voice mails telling them it is ridiculous and mean. It really is stealing in a round about way, isn’t it?

  6. JanlynnCORP says:

    ALL —

    At the beginning of the year I approved an SEO specialist to buy up domain names related to our industry and link them to us. This was intended to provide us relevant links so people can learn more about Janlynn and find us much easier.

    123stitch.com is a fantastic site and a wonderful customer of Janlynn’s. We had no intention to trade on their good name online or otherwise and have made it now abundantly clear to our SEO specialist to only buy names that do not infringe on other people’s businesses online.

    This is rather embarrassing for us at Janlynn to be sure. This is coming to our attention today as a result of your posts here — and we thank you for them! As you may have seen … we have already turned off this domains redirect.

    Certainly we will turn over 123stitch.net to our wonderful friends Jim and Joanne for NO COST … with our sincere apologies that this has happened (I have a call and an email into Jim already). It was absolutely our fault for overlooking this on the list of names that we were provided by our SEO firm to register — we cannot escape blame for this oversight … we can only offer our apologies to you all and especially to Jim and Joanne, whom we adore for the wonderful work they have done in our industry.

    Please keep frequenting 123Stitch.com for their message board, their wonderful selection of craft products, and their tremendous customer service!!

    Janlynn Management

  7. Leah says:

    Well, I’m glad that got straightened out!

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