Pssst. Eve, over here!

Palestrina knots aren’t really that hard.

Monsieur Serpent’s spots are done in palestrina knots. It did take some doing, but I did finally figure out how to do them. There are few on him that I’m not too thrilled with, but not so disappointed in them that I’ll go back and pull them out.

I haven’t posted a picture of ATS since January. Bad me! This is also just the second time I’ve worked on it since then. 😦

On the bright side all the damn leaves are done. And I’ve got Satan keeping me company now too. lol Since I managed to finish up HoHRH for the month, I’m going to try and dedicate an hour a day to ATS to make up for those Sunday’s when I didn’t touch it.

And because I apparently can’t get enough of stitching trees I’ve started in (FINALLY!) on OTR’s embroidery.

That’s about 8 inches out of 36 or so. On panel one of three. *sigh* (ignore the orange, that’s just basting thread that’ll get pulled out later)

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4 Responses to Pssst. Eve, over here!

  1. Missy Ann stitching with Satan…I have this mental image that just caused me to spew iced tea at my monitor. Satan looks good in his tree. Should I confess that seeing pics from you and Melissa C. enabled me? Yep, I bought it.

  2. Jenjen says:

    I always like to see what you are working on because it is always varied and interesting! If I hadn’t just bought a bunch of other stash I might be tempted into getting ATS too – but I’ll resist…. for now! 🙂

  3. Melissa C. says:

    Oh, it looks so good! I have got to pull this out again. Maybe this Sunday will be the day.

  4. Michelle says:

    Ok, can I tell you how much I love this photo of the snake – he is amazing! I honestly had never really noticed him before, in a I know he’s there but don’t see him kind of way. He’s fabulous!!!

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