I need…

to add one of those mood things to my blog. Today mine would say “faintly homicidal”. I love my son I love my son I love my son, but I swear some days I want to punch him in the nose and throw him out of house. And he’s only 11! Yay! I can hardly wait for full blown teenage hormones & attitude…

Answer to last post, Jen & Sara yes and no. No it isn’t charted for those specialty stitches, I’m adding those as I go along. But where you see a cross stitch, that is as charted. And when I sub a specialty for a cross stitch motif I try to keep the stitch to approximately the size of the cross stitch motif and I use the color that the chart calls for in that spot.

I started on block #3 of HoHRH tonight.

Well, the property lines are in.

Some fabrics that I ordered for Mystery 12 – The Caribbean came in.

I ordered 9 x 13 cuts all in 28ct. opal linen. I’m still waiting on my kit from European XS, but right now I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with the Spun Sugar from Sassy’s.

And since I was ordering from Enchanted I went ahead and bought the fabric for Raise The Roof’s Wrong Side of the Tracks.

28ct lugana. Love. It is going to be perfect.

And Carol (that doll!) RAK’d me.

Two charts off the embarassing large wishlist and a darling paper needlebook.

I’ve taking OTR with me to Win’s fencing practice this week and it’s amazing how fast it moves when I actually work on it.

It is amazing how much attention this draws. And that’s when it’s folded up with just a small area in the q-snap being worked. When I unfold it and show it to the interested it gets lots of WOWs. I keep telling everyone that it is so easy and that anyone can do it. There’s lots of younger girls there, so hopefully it’s sinking in.

And I lied, one more snap of the baby quilt.

I figure this doesn’t count, I said I was going to use Minkee, I just wasn’t sure of the color. I’ve decided to go with the bottom right sample. It’s a nice neutral tan. The dot while wonderful, isn’t going to work. The background is too white and the blue is the wrong shade. The chocolate is too dark, and the ivory is too light.

I spent a couple hours this morning cutting for the Secret Project Quilt, and I’d say I’m about 75% done with the cutting. If all goes well maybe I can start sewing tomorrow. I will definitely start sewing by Thursday.

That’s about it for tonight. Lots to talk about, hopefully next time less talk and more progress.

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6 Responses to I need…

  1. Jenjen says:

    How cool that you are subbing in stitches as you please – ATS seems to be the perfect pattern for doing that.

    I also love the Spun Sugar fabric you chose for Caribbean. I bet it will be just perfect. πŸ™‚

  2. Abi says:

    The stash looks great! I love the blue and chocolate fabric for the quilt. Awesome!

  3. You post OTR pics to torture me. I know you do. It’s working. Love the RSOTT fabric – perfect! I wanna see a floss toss on Spun Sugar. I’m sure its awesome; I just want the eye candy. πŸ˜‰

  4. Michelle says:

    I just started on Shores. So far all I have is a black outline. I’m sure people are very impressed by your OTR…it’s wonderful!! That fabric for Wrong Side of the Tracks is soooo cool. Love it!

  5. Melissa C. says:

    I love your color combinations for the quilt. It’s going to be so pretty!

  6. Susan says:

    My DH and I have a name for what you’re feeling “snipoo” which is short for “sudden nose punch urge” – my DH used to irritate me so much, I often had the urge, so I understand!

    Even though the border on the next HoHRH doesn’t look like much progress on a block, I know how long it takes to do one!

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