Gifts & Such

Mom did stitch up a tea towel for me. Just Sunday’s, but it’s a start. And I think he’s so cute.

I have to get more of the patterns transferred and mail them up to her still.

Susan was giving away a spare copy of Sew Pretty Homestyle and I was the lucky recipient.

There is the *cutest* needlebook pattern in here. Of course there are other cute patterns and ideas, but the needlebook is my favorite.

And evidence that I actually have been stitching (picture of the WNRR to come later, I’m hoping tonight!) A Lot.

See that chip? It’s not a chip, it’s where my needle has worn the polish right off my nail. I use that edge of my left middle finger to pivot my needle and when I’ve been stitching lots you can tell by that wear spot.

Polish is OPI’s Exclusive – but I’ve worn it before so it doesn’t warrant a picture.

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1 Response to Gifts & Such

  1. The tea towel is adorable. Almost too cute to use.

    Speaking of nail polish. You and Annette inspired me. My toes are sporting OPI’s Bastille My Heart at the moment. I love this color so very much.

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