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Another trip to the Caribbean

This time, I’m sure I’ll be there longer than I was in Feburary. I’m still missing some of my silks, in part 1 I need the missing black. And because that was missing I couldn’t stitch in some of the … Continue reading

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but not as much I wanted done got done. Sunday I was not in the mood to stitch on ATS. I didn’t even touch it. It’s ok, there’s always next week. I did get a good bit of reading done, … Continue reading

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OMFG Blingarific

I like what happened with this one. I started out with sparkly fabric from the scrap bag. 25ct. Silver Lurex – left over from Winter Queen. Then I used another Dinky Dyes Oops in colors that I think Abi will … Continue reading

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Pretty Pretty Princess

Bluebeard’s Princess Mirabella Martina (she told me that was her name, seems she’s a fan of Chatelaine) is finished! Photographed in natural light. I still think it washed the fabric out a little bit. *sigh* Enough already next time she … Continue reading

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So close I can taste it

But first, from last post. No Annette, you are not the only one. 🙂 When I had that sword stitched up and took a look at it my first thought was “phallic much”. lol BBP is thisclose to being finished. … Continue reading

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Panic attacks

really get the blood flowing. Like when you can’t find a bag full of buttons, accessory packs and other assorted goodies. I just about pulled my entire guest craft room apart looking for the leftovers from Victoria Sampler’s Crimson Fire … Continue reading

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OMG Sea Pony!!11!!!

One seahorse down one to go. Awww isn’t she cute? Actually she’s got wings? Does that make her a sea-pegasus? I’ve seen some people call them seadragons… but she doesn’t seem very dragon like to me. My fabric from Enchanted … Continue reading

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Memories & Stuff

This is likely to be a rambler. Consider yourself warned. Recently I sold off a collection of my late Father’s. I had a kind of a hard time doing it. Then I thought about it. No that isn’t right. I … Continue reading

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Getting Close

to a finish on BBP. I know I haven’t posted in a couple of days, but I didn’t spend tons and tons of time stitching on her. The tail finished really fast. I hope I can say the same for … Continue reading

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Lovely Lump?

Or One Tree Hill? No Angel. I took a good hard look at where I was after A & E arrived, and as usual I messed up. I made them one row taller than I should have. My solution is … Continue reading

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