OMFG Blingarific

I like what happened with this one. I started out with sparkly fabric from the scrap bag. 25ct. Silver Lurex – left over from Winter Queen. Then I used another Dinky Dyes Oops in colors that I think Abi will like. Again I matched up some DMC that co-ordinated with the silk. One lonely crystal was left over from BBP and what good is it going to do sitting in a drawer? The queen stitches just seemed to flow from that. I’m super happy with how they worked with the crystal. I’ll tag-a-fy it tomorrow (I hope).

Annette in addition to jumping on the Project Bandwagon with me is also doing a 25 Book Challenge. I’m jumping on that wagon with her.

1. I will read only from my collection or my local libraries. (I have cards in my home county & the next county over.)

2. I will return books on time so I don’t have to pay late fees.

3. I will not buy another book until 25 books are read.

4. The only exception is free books. If I don’t have to pay for it, it doesn’t count.

The boy’s 12th birthday is this Saturday. Since you can’t bring cupcakes to Junior High, we’re bringing them to fencing tonight instead. I made, frosted, and sprinkled 48 cupcakes today. And yay me, I’ve only eaten one so far. Licking frosting off fingers totally does not count. (i don’t know what’s gotten into me, i didn’t lick the bowl; is this the first sign of old age? cake batter bowl licking no longer appeals? the horror)

And speaking of horrors, crimes against god, nature, and my junior high school crush… Carrie Underwood you have a lot to answer for.

You Tube linkage (swear, it’s not a Rickroll – you’ll just wish it was). Pro tip honey, when you cover a song you have need to do any or all of the following:

1. Do it better than the original.

2. Make it your own.

3. Have fun with it.

Carrie you sound like a half drunk co-od covering her Dad’s favorite song. Badly. I would pay money to watch the VH1 Behind The Music where Vince Neil puts you over his knee and spanks you for what you did to his song. Or better yet! As punishment you get to marry Tommy Lee.

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7 Responses to OMFG Blingarific

  1. Love the OMFG design. Where did you find it, or is it something you came up with on your own?

  2. Lori says:

    “As punishment you get to marry Tommy Lee.” LOL! This really made me laugh! I can’t access YouTube from work but I am guessing you are talking about her “Home Sweet Home” rendition? They play it on Idol when people get voted off.

    Cute tag and love the crystal/queen stitches!

  3. Jenn L says:

    There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with (a) a country version of Home Sweet Home (b) sung by a woman and (c) in sleeper tempo. But marrying Tommy Lee for punishment is too good even for her. Somewhat inappropriate, but marrying Axl Rose might be a better one. {snerk}

    And I absolutely love OMFG.

  4. Love the tag. Carrie not so much. Well, I like her, but she should have “just said no” this time. Ugh.

  5. Abi says:

    That’s my tag??? WOW!!!!! LOVE. LOVE. LOOOOOOOVE.

    BTW, shame on you for having to make me add to post! 😛

  6. Melissa C. says:

    I still lick the bowl.

  7. Daffycat says:

    OMFG turned out fantastic! I like the bling too. It isn’t as nice as the one you made for me though :op

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