I worked on both, HoHRH & the Mirabilia RR.

Hence the “boxen”. I’m stitching my MiraRR on 28ct. Violets In The Shade by SMF lugana. My theme for the piece is “Flower Pixie Debutante Ball” or “stitch me some damn pixies”, which ever works better. 😉 My blocks are 34 x 84 with a stitchable area of 30 x 80. The outer edge of the frame is PB 58 (antique silver) and the inner border and beads will be specific to each pixie. The center block will be Iris, her inner border is #011 #4 braid and the beads are 02011. I haven’t decided yet, but I may be adding a line of backstitching around the outer edge of each block. If I do it’ll likely be a dark grey. If all goes well I’ll stitch up one frame a day and be done by next Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday I did work on ATS today.

The Jessica’s flew this time. Granted I didn’t stitch much, but I did complete the band and next week I’m hoping to knock out the entire next band which is a strawberry vine. Still don’t know what I’m going to do on the strawberries though…

Other things, my internet was cut Friday night. The neighbors cut my cable when they were replacing some fencing. Nice. Not much stitching to show for an entire weekend computer free, that’s because I fell face first into a couple of books. Finished two by 1am this morning. 😀 The tough parts of my Just Nan exchange are completed and I am thrilled with how it’s working out. And the baby’s quilt top is completely pieced. I did take that machine quilting class a little while back – which means I should quilt this myself… but I’m so worried that I’ll ruin it. I’m going to check at the LQS and see how much they want for quilting. In a way I hope the price is too steep so that I’ll have to do it myself.

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10 Responses to Boxen

  1. Gabi says:

    Your Mirabilia RR sounds delicious. With all that braid and beads it will have the bling that makes it special. And I’m surprised how small these pixies are. But also very curious to see more of that. ATS looks great – I’m pretty much in love with that one anyway. Looking forward also to see your Just Nan exchange piece and the baby quilt of course

  2. I am super excited to see you the Mira RR turns out 😀 Your last one was completely gorgeous. Great to see so much progress on ATS as well. Keep up the thoroughly entertaining blogging 🙂

  3. dianemi says:

    Oh my goodness your fabric for the MiraRR is gorgeous and your needles are smokin’ on ATS… love those peacocks. Gotta say that I’m really looking forward to seeing WIPs of the Just Nan exchange and the baby quilt. I bet they are beautiful!!

  4. Brigitte says:

    ATS looks terrific. And I’m very curious to see more of the Mirabilia exchange. The fabric you use is so beautiful.
    I’m also stithcing on Houses, right now I’m filling the midnight block with black, and I’ve been doing this for days already, sigh.

  5. Susan says:

    You’re making terrific progress on ATS. I can’t wait to see your start on the next block of HoHRH.

    Sorry that your neighbor wasn’t very bright…

  6. JenJen says:

    Love your ATS – it is turning out so beautiful. I bet your pixie RR will be fabulous too – I like the way you are doing the borders – something a little different and fun. 🙂

  7. Debbie says:

    I love that fabric for the Mirabilia RR, but like someone else said, I’m surprised at the size of them. You’re making great progress of on ATS and maybe you could do the vine in some type of specialty stitch.

  8. Damn. That Mira RR is going to be incredible! Almost makes me want to stitch you a pixie! LOL. I do lust after your ATS. I really do. Seriously, you are more productive than any person has a right to be. 😉

  9. Daffycat says:

    What nice boxes you’ve stitched.

    I love the fabric for your Damn Pixies RR!

    OMG, the things I could get accomplished with no internet!
    If I didn’t sit around and pout about having no internet.
    Which I would do…

  10. Melissa C. says:

    Now I have to scheme a way to steal your Mira RR when it is done.

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