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This was going to be…

a much better post. But I’m sick with what feels like 2 lbs of razor edged snot in my chest. Nothing else is wrong besides that, I guess I’ll count that as a win. I was sitting around thinking the … Continue reading

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A little bit here & there

One of the saddest parts of my psyche is that I have a hard time with tasks unless there is a deadline breathing down my neck. Lack of focus. Easily distracted. Oh hey is that something shiny over there? Ok, … Continue reading

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It's rarely a good thing…

when a family member is a news story. Mike (step-dad) is fine. He wasn’t wearing his seat belt but the steering wheel ended up jammed up against the driver’s seat, so this was maybe the 1 out of a 1,000 … Continue reading

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First off my 4th of July squares from MelissaP. (no blog) via Fair & Square arrived: She stitched me up some Lizzie Kate. And the bonus of a partner with the same name? The squares came with my name on … Continue reading

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I have…

my second favorite battery operated device back. my sewing machine back from the shop. been RAK’d by Stacy, thank you so much. I love it all. That Candy Floss thread would be perfect for a Quaker, and so would that … Continue reading

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Going Green Today

I care even if most major news outlets can’t be bothered. Worried what the sponsors would think? I see them run footage of car chases. I’ve see them run live footage with news readers just blah-blahing over top of it. … Continue reading

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Oh Noes!!!!11!!!1!

My Kindle is broken! What will I do?! What will I read? What I have checked out from the library? Bookcase 1 Authors A-G? Bookcase 2 Authors H-R? Bookcase 3 Authors S-Z, hardcover, and trade size paperbacks? Or maybe the … Continue reading

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Now I'm Happy

Finally a good picture! I still can’t see all the colors (blue, violet, & green) in the fabric but this is pretty close. Oh Lilac you beautiful doll I love you! Isn’t she just darling? I love every little thing … Continue reading

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I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get a really good picture of this RR. All the frames are complete. The bottom row l to r: Fern, Lilac & Lily. You’ve really got to see the braids in person to … Continue reading

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Stitching away…

What two days on block 6 looks like: I’m feeling pretty good about this block. Knock wood, but I think I’ll finish it this month with no problem. My Mirabilia RR is due to mail the 15th, now that piece… … Continue reading

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