Sensing a theme?

More HoHRH & old projects framed.

All the windows done and it’s almost half painted.

I don’t even remember when I stitched this, I know I swapped out the Aida that came in the kit for some Cherub Pink Lugana I had.

Big Girl Panties from Dolly Mamas. I hated the chart on this. I pretty much did my own charting on the arms and the chicken. The half stitches they used or lack of, made no sense. I did it my way and was happy with how it turned out. That and the fabric I chose gave her a pink face instead of a stark white mime type complexion. I love the frame & mats Mom picked out for this piece. It’s exactly what I would’ve done.

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5 Responses to Sensing a theme?

  1. doris says:

    Who could be bored with HoHRH? Go, baby, go! Your ATS is looking great. Congrats on finishing page 1. I can’t wait to see how you work out your verse. Every time I see your Adam and Eve, I smile. Does this mean I’m childish or immature? I can live with that.

  2. Kathy A says:

    Love the Big Girl one. I stitched that into a funky pillow for my youngest sister. That is one of her favorite sayings.

  3. JenJen says:

    HoHRH is filling in nicely. I need to get the big girl panties pattern just so I can stitch it up and put it near my desk at work!

  4. Abi says:

    Great framing on Big Girl Panties! I have that as a long-neglected WIP. Its at least 4 years old. I just hate working on it. I should get my hands on some light pink fabric and re-stitch her. Great concept, horrible charting.

  5. Debbie says:

    I love the saying on that piece! And bored with a HRH piece. No way. Love watching your progress.

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