Oh Noes!!!!11!!!1!

My Kindle is broken!

What will I do?! What will I read?

What I have checked out from the library?

Bookcase 1 Authors A-G?

Bookcase 2 Authors H-R?

Bookcase 3 Authors S-Z, hardcover, and trade size paperbacks?

Or maybe the steamer chest full of keepers?

As you can see I am in a real bind. The good news is that my new Kindle 1 should arrive Tuesday and the man on the phone was very sympathetic to my tragedy unlike my son. His response was “So?”. Brat. I’ll remember this when he wants to borrow my car 4 years from now…

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8 Responses to Oh Noes!!!!11!!!1!

  1. Debbie says:

    Your post cracked me up. I swear that your reading stash is as bad as mine. I don’t have a Kindle but am seriously thinking of asking for one for Xmas. I love to read, but could get through more with one of those!

  2. Daffycat says:

    Horrors! I’m glad they can deliver you a new device so quickly. Hopefully the withdrawal symptoms won’t be too painful in the meantime.

  3. Oh, you poor, poor girl! Funny how technology changes our lives and then when we have to do without our toys for even a minute, it’s painful. Yes, remember this moment so you can drop a big fat “SO” on your son one day. Paybacks are hell.

  4. Oh noes!!!!!!!!!1 I totally feel your pain. I would be in a complete panic if my Kindle died. Glad to hear they are getting you a replacement so quickly. šŸ˜€

  5. Gabi says:

    What in heaven means Noes???
    Good that you get your Kindle replaced so soon. And aren’t all teenagers just brads…lol.

  6. beritbunny says:

    I also have a kindle, but frightfully, I almost never use it…Hum. I thought I’d be using it ALL THE TIME. Guess I’ve been buying stash instead of books for the last year or so. ALSO, my library finally got their act together to be one big catalogue along with all the other ones in nearby towns, and they have a website that lets you request titles–which are then delivered to my local library just up a block or so. And, I’ve been reading books not in English, as well… Gee, maybe I should sell my Kindle.

    But, I LOVE IT! šŸ™‚

  7. OMFG!!!! Are you OK?!?!? What happened? If it were me, I’d still be in shock. The loss of a love, even knowing the replacement is on the way, would be crushing! You brave soul to trudge forward and read from stash.

  8. Melissa says:

    Remember you have take your fingers and move the paper the words are written on to read the other side. Take a deep breath and it will all come back to you!

    Awesome book stash!

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