Winner & update


Congrats Autumn. It’ll get in the mail Monday.

And thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. I’m still sick. I’d like to say I’m better, but really it’s just shifted from my chest to my throat and my back and abs are very sore from all the coughing. If it doesn’t let up by Monday I’ll be back at the doctor’s I suppose.

I do ok (mostly) just sitting still. Well almost still, I am managing to stitch for a few hours a day – maybe a bit more. It’s not like I can do anything else.

I started Live Simply

I converted it over to Silk Mori (living ignored in the stash lo these many years). I really like the palette that I ended up with. It’s reading a bit bright in this picture because I used the flash.

Would you believe that the only thing I did today on Eudora is bead? And I haven’t even beaded all the areas where the stitching is complete. I’m closer than I was… but there is a crazy amount of beading on this one.

Ugh, that doesn’t show the beading very well, let’s have another snap.

That’s better. šŸ™‚

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10 Responses to Winner & update

  1. Jennifer H. says:

    I’m sorry that you still don’t feel well! However, your mermaid is beautiful! The beading looks great! Congrats!

  2. Christine S says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re still not feeling better! You’ve gotten an amazing amount done on Eudora though. She’s gorgeous!

  3. Valerie says:

    Sorry to hear your recovery is slow but it looks like you’re getting a good amount of stitching in. Eudora is looking fantastic! Talk about a lot of beads!!

  4. Silverlotus says:

    Congratulations to Autumn. And thank you again to you for the great draw.

    The mermaid is looking beautiful. The treasures really do add a lot to her.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Melissa says:

    Eudora is a beauty! Holy crap you stitch fast even with that beading to slow you down.

    Seeing your progress on Bluebeard’s Princess and now Eudora, I’m really feeling the Mirabilia love. I do not need another new start. Maybe an end of summer treat.

    Hope you’re feeling better and get to enjoy some of the weekend!

  6. Melissa says:

    The beads are beautiful, thanks for that pic! She is really beautiful, I wish I could get my šŸ™‚

  7. Stacy B says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon! Your mermaid is looking AWESOME! You have so much done… I’m like you with the Silk Mori… I have the entire line in 2.5m skeins but they are just sitting in my stash since not much is charted with them. I may have to start using them on freebies and such.

  8. Melissa C. says:

    Damn. She’s really beautiful. I wish I didn’t like her.

    Scary stuff about the allergic reaction! I’m glad you figured it out and are on the road to recovery. Yikes.

  9. Autumn says:

    OMG I won?? Thank you!! I was just telling Kaye that I’ve fallen in love with this pattern since I’ve seen all the WIP pics.

  10. Annette says:

    I am resisting the urge on Eudora (well, she’ll have a new name for me, of course) as I have Bluebeard’s Princess kitted and ready to assuage any mermaid-y desires along with your pics šŸ˜€

    I have dealt with very similar allergic reactions for the last few years, so I understand the frustration. So glad you got it treated quickly!!

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