Flower of Frustration

I hate this damn flower so much. The chart has a mistake (a tiny mistake but I’m so aggravated with this piece right now I’m going to include it in my rant). One of the beads isn’t charted, and I didn’t like her choice so I changed it too. I have not frogged and screamed so much over a piece in I can not remember how long. Nothing went right. Chart issues, please for the love of Pete designers! Use very different symbols when they butt up against each other. A square with the bottom colored in mixed with squares with the right side colored in makes for a miserable stitching experience. And then lets not forget all the tension issues I’ve had. Why I don’t know. I’m using the same exact thread in this section that I was using in the other two. Of course we can’t leave out all the stupid mistakes I kept making. That is why it took 5 freakin’ days to stitch that stupid flower.

Alright, less bitch more pictures:

Angle shots show off the beads…

And this is how I handled the 3/4 stitches. The quarter part each was stitched with 2 strands of the charted color. The long part was one strand of the charted. Each 3/4 is made up of 4 stitches. Two quarters and two singles. Where only one 3/4 stitch was charted it is made up two strands for the quarter and the long stitch.

I also used the 5 beads in place of the charted 3 beads.

In other stitching news my HOE Summer House piece is complete, photographed, and shipped off to it’s new home. A DAY EARLY. Holy shit.

And the only other thing of interest I’ve been doing is breaking my no shopping rule? I don’t know… I’m not sure if this counts. Granted it says cross stitch. But it isn’t cross stitch. I doubt a jury of cross stitchers would convict.

I Cross Stitch Naked.

Depending on my state of mind tomorrow I may start another flower on Caribbean, it’d probably be wise to get moving on this while all the lessons learned on the first flower are still fresh in my mind.

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8 Responses to Flower of Frustration

  1. Annette says:

    The flower looks great! All that frustration still paid off with a lovely result.

    And I concur, you aren’t breaking any shopping rule with that awesome tote. LOL

  2. karin says:

    It’s still a gorgeous piece!

  3. Emily says:

    All that work definitely bore beautiful fruit, but I totally understand…some days nothing goes right! And I TOTALLY agree about the symbols. Mira’s Enchanted Mermaid has several sections that literally made me cross eyed. It seems like SUCH a simple problem to avoid!!!

  4. JenJen3574 says:

    Well, it is beautiful now right? Very well stitched my friend – sorry it caused you so much frustration. I have to tell you there is no way I could be meticulous enough to change back and forth between 1 and 2 strands for those 3/4 stitches – they do look lovely the way you did them, but I’m just too damn lazy I guess. 🙂

    I so agree with you on the using different symbols close to each other issue – this is one of my peeves about Chatelaine charts – they seem to have more than their share of problems in this area.

  5. Sara says:

    Sorry that flower caused so many problems but it is very pretty now that it’s done. And no, I don’t think you broke your shopping rule either:)

  6. Unfortunately, you fell victim to the one big complaint I have about Chatelaine charts. Sorry it happened to you. I do find that the color chart sometimes mitigates the problem as the symbols will also be slightly different colors. Anyway, the result is GORGEOUS! You did well! And, no, that bag is totally justified!

  7. Autumn says:

    The flower is beautiful (due to your stitching of course). I hate similar symbols. It’s laziness on designers part. There’s bajillions of symbols. It’s not that hard to pick a different one. That tote is awesome. I might have to get one, although I don’t think I’ve ever done that…LOL

  8. Darla says:

    That flower is *stunning*!!!

    And I won’t say in a public forum what I did to my one and only Chat chart to make it more or less tolerable. ;->

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