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Memaid update

Well I spent all day Saturday communing with my Kindle & my recliner. It was bliss. I moved a bunch of old .pdf ebooks over to the Kindle and sped read/re-read a few of them. And then I fell face … Continue reading

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Cat, Hawk, Mermaid, & Is That A Goose?

My husband’s cat once again trying to usurp. Just because your paw is on it, doesn’t make it yours. Don’t be fooled, she is not cute. She is Evil. I did finish block 8 last night. Two changes (remember I’m … Continue reading

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That bird…

had better watch its ass. Or maybe the cat should watch hers, that crow is about the same size and they are plenty mean. This block started rough, I just was not in the mood to work on HoHRH, but … Continue reading

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U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi

You ugly! When stitching on ugly projects I find it helpful to drink co-ordinating adult beverages. And all finished, well except for the finishing. Andy agrees, this thing has a serious case of the uglies. I kept telling myself, it’s … Continue reading

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A moment to vent if you don't mind

(kids, cover your eyes I’m bringing out the big guns) I QUIT. I GIVE UP. I HAVE FUCKING HAD IT. 1. Apparently I can not rotary cut to save my life. I dull blades like it’s going out of style. … Continue reading

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Buried Alive

For kicks I decided to pull out the WIPs and see what there is to see. Please note, 1 partial cut quilt, and Gingerbread Boy with his nearly done binding are missing from the pictures. And of course my Caribbean, … Continue reading

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Shakespeare's Fairies Cont'd

Wow! That post got a lot of notice. The fabric decision has been finalized, I will be stitching on 28ct. cashel Phantom by PTP. I’m not changing the picture, because in the pattern viewer Phantom & Gothic – well you … Continue reading

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Should I or Shouldn't I?

That’s the overlay of Mirabilia’s newest, Shakespeare’s Fairies on PTP’s Gothic Crystal linen. I priced it; omitting what I already own and all those green leaf treasures (which I think just don’t work) it’ll come to about $80 including all … Continue reading

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You as burnout as I am…

on Caribbean? Don’t worry this is the last time you’ll have to look at it for a bit. I burnout on it Sunday evening. But I was mostly done with part 5 at that point so I pushed on and … Continue reading

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Part 4 Is Complete!

Finished it up Saturday and started in Sunday on part 5. Who knows when you’ll see another full picture of it, I won’t be loosing the scroll bars just for pictures. Bye-bye dancing starfish. Kinda sad to see the end … Continue reading

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