pRoof of my bad kaRma

(didn’t foRget the R this time)

Seriously, what is that 15 stitches I’m short? (Hint, the very last letter) Gah!!!!!!!!!!!! My LQS stocks Krenik silks, I can’t remember off the top of my head which flavor but I need to stop in and buy my Quilt Festival ticket anyway. Hopefully she has the Mori in 5055. If not, then I’ll call down to Creative Stitchery and ask is she’s got this stuff in stock. I would’ve taken care of this today but it was 4:45 when I hit this point.

And thanks again to Erin who helped me out in the comments of the last post. I finished up MotDB before 7:30 am Monday.

Two HD’s in as many days. Maybe my karma isn’t as bad as I make it out to be.

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7 Responses to pRoof of my bad kaRma

  1. JenJen3574 says:

    Hope you get hold of the Mori easily. πŸ™‚ Both pieces look great! πŸ™‚

  2. Annette says:

    I *hate* when I’m that close to a finish and it’s just out of reach….

    Hope the LQS can push you over the line! (Quilt Festival tickets…. wooohooooo!!)

  3. Gabi says:

    Gosh, that is frigging annoying. So close to the end and running out.
    On the bright side….both stitchy updates look GORGEOUS.
    What’s that Quilt Festival??? Sounds interesting.

  4. Melissa C. says:


  5. dianemi says:

    Ohhhh, a quilt festival. Love those. Wow, what a close-up of MotDB… just stunning Missy. Your stitches are beautiful. Fingers crossed on the Mori.

  6. Both pieces are so pretty, Missy. I wish I could help you with the floss. That’s a bummer, indeed!

  7. The mermaid, she’s a looker! Bummer that you are 15 stitches short. Hope you’ve found the Mori and have finished it off by now.

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