What I did this Sunday.

(Besides wish Jeff Reed to hell, or at the very least to the nearest Sheetz bathroom. Douche. )

I put 2 more lengths of thread into Eek! House.

It’s actually done all in colonial & french knots (so far I’ve only done colonials) not punch needle. The french knots are mainly used for the little detail bits, like eyes. And I also learned to do french knots before anyone told me that they were difficult and to hate them. Because of that I don’t mind doing them at all, and I actually find them easy to do. Colonials are the same only different. lol

I also started part 8 of Caribbean. I finished up the hummingbird and started one leaf of the flower it is sipping from.

Isn’t that hummer darling?! I adore the colors.

And in sewing news… Viking *sigh* is having parts issues with their manufacturer. The shop per Viking doesn’t know when they’ll get the part. Gah! But, the shop is apologetic and I’m picking up a loaner machine this afternoon.

I have also made the proto-type for one of my 13 Days giveaways. It is AWESOME. Turned out just how I wanted it to.

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11 Responses to What I did this Sunday.

  1. Gabi says:

    That hummingbird looks fantastic. Looking forward to see more of your Eek House. That’s something I never made and I’m really curious to follow your progress. I admire you making a work with that amount of knots. It looks great now already.
    Crossing fingers that your sewing machine will be fixed soon.
    And am now very curious about that proto-type.

  2. JenJen3574 says:

    Wow – awesome hummer! 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    Your pieces look fantastic, although I can’t believe you’re going that in French and Colonial knots. I think my eyes would cross and I’d start foaming at the mouth. I do love it though. Carribean is looking great too. And about football – well, he flubbed up, but the whole Lion’s team….well, they need to be flushed somewhere.

  4. Karen says:

    I agree. The colors in the hummingbird are gorgeous!

  5. Annette says:

    Oh man, I love the house. Did I mention I have this chart?? I can hear it whimpering from the stash as I type.

    We got to watch the Steelers/Bears game out here in AZ. I was torn being a fan of the Steelers and yet starting life not far from Chicago 😉 Good game, though.

  6. Kathy A says:

    The colors are so vibrant in that hummmingbird. I love it!!! nice work. Your Halloween piece is gorgeous too. Good work there girl.

  7. doris says:

    I really love that hummingbird. I’ve never seen the whole thing stitched, so I had to go look it up. Amazing piece.

  8. What a pretty hummingbird. The EEK house piece is wonderful, too. Love the border so far but can’t imagine doing all those knots. Yeah, You! I love punchneedle and just picked up a wool, rug, punchneedle kit – very fun and FAST!

  9. Debbie says:

    Me again Missy. I couldn’t find your email, so email me (in my profile) about the nautical fob and pinball. I do believe that I can get them for you.

  10. Melissa C. says:

    Every time I see Eek House, I hear Brick House playing in my head. Just so you know.

  11. Michelle says:

    Love the hummingbird. And that Eek House is too too cute. You may have suckered me in. I don’t know whether I do French or Colonial knots, but either way I don’t mind them.

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