Every day was once tomorrow

And I’ve been hella busy around here. I would dearly love to have all the 13 Days giveaways done before the 19th so I could photograph them all together, but it’s looking less and less likely. But! that’s not what this post is about. It is about The Next Chart You Should Buy.

Chatelaine’s Mystery Sampler 3 – The Swans Ignore the crap picture on European’s site. I’ve seen this baby in person and I am full of want. Cherylann (blog?) brought her beauty to the GTG and I fell in love.

(and my pictures still aren’t doing it justice)

Wouldn’t this also be a beautiful wedding or baby sampler?

Swans without the flash, but all of the bling.

Purple lovers rejoice.

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12 Responses to Every day was once tomorrow

  1. Little Cat says:

    Wow that’s so pretty! What a beautiful project.

  2. Valerie says:

    Wow…gorgeous! It would be a fab wedding sampler. Something to consider if I ever get married…

  3. JenJen says:

    It is pretty, but the Chatelaine I’m currently lusting over is the new Fairy Mandala. YUM.

  4. Silverlotus says:

    Want, big time! I love swans. I may need to buy this today… I mean I’m going to be able to buy some Dinky Dyes this weekend, and it makes sense to get this so I can get the one’s I need to stitch it, right? Someone enable me more!!

  5. Gill says:

    I love this one – I bought it when it was a class and kitted it up and everything but I haven’t got around to stitching it yet…perhaps I should bump it up the list. I’ll have to correct the grammatical error though…It should read ‘make’ not makes…it would drive me crazy otherwise! lol

  6. Kathy A says:

    That is indeed gorgeous! No wonder it caught your eye.

  7. Siobhan says:

    Oh WOW! That really is gorgeous. What a cool idea to use it as a wedding or birth sampler.

  8. Gabi says:

    It looks gorgeous. But no…I resist this time. Way too much going here already

  9. Ranae says:

    That is just gorgeous.
    And I love purple

  10. staci says:

    It’s so elegant!

  11. Martina does great swans. It is a gorgeous sampler. My personal favorite is Mystery Sampler II (Peacock Sampler). Love. I have it kitted and everything. Cherylann did some beautiful stitching there.

  12. Melissa says:

    I treat myself every December to a Chatelaine design with all the trimmings and now I know which one I’ll be getting. I love this design!! It’s so delicate and elegant. 🙂

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