Wrapping up

Looks like I’ll spend the first bit of November wrapping up the 13 Days. Annette & Gill both have let me know their packages arrived.

I really like this one and I’ll tell you why. (as if I ever pass up the chance to ramble on) In school when all the other kids were covering their books with paper bags my Mom covered mine with fabric. This is a very old fashioned thing from what I understand and I was the only kid whose books were like that, but I loved it. I especially remember 1984, the year not the book. With Olympic fever that year there was plenty of cheap (did I mention Mom made me pick from the $1 per yard fabrics? & they had to be cottons) sports theme fabric. I can still see the red, white & blue sport prints I picked out that year. I’ll have to ask Mom if she still has any of it still laying around. And her method of covering was a bit more ghetto than I used on Annette’s cover. Mom ironed one big piece, folded the edges so no raw was showing and whipped stitched the four edges where the outside and inside met to form the pocket for the book’s covers. Annette got 3 cut, interfaced, and machine sewn pieces to make her cover. 😀 The idea for the bookmark was ripped off from The Needleprint blog.  And the lettering came from Stacy Nash’s Cast Your Spells.

Awww… now this one is cute. Let me get some more pictures up.

Little froggie, it’s hard to make a frog look bemused.

Get it? Mis-spelled. The spell went wrong, the witch turned herself into a frog… I know, I’m not half as clever as I think I am. And before the grammer Nazi show up, the spelling of “mis-spelled” is deliberate.

And the little stars from the spell. All of the little bits are sewn on, not glued. In fact the whole thing is sewn, there isn’t a bit of glue on any of the bottle-cap pincushions.  And bonus, these pictures show the crystal pins fairly well.

I’m already on to the next thing, I’m hoping to wrap up all the cross stitching on my current MiraRR tonight, buy the beads I need for it tomorrow, & get it in the mail Wednesday. I also washed and ironed all my fabric for my next quilt tonight and maybe I can start it maybe? tomorrow.

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12 Responses to Wrapping up

  1. beritbunny says:

    I so loved reading that book cover story! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pins you made. You already gave me the skinny on the magnets–any chance you’ll dish the dirt on making such fab pins? 😉

  2. Gabi says:

    What lovely gifts you made. Especially the book cover and the pin keep. Both are not lovely but gorgeous. Love the story of your school books.

  3. You had great prizes, Missy and this was lots of fun! I love the fabric covered book and the story of your school books!

  4. Kathy A says:

    That is just too cool! Fabric covered books. Love your little pincushion and those pins are spectacular.

  5. Annette says:

    I love the cover (and looking forward to reading the book inside). I used to make paperback covers many many years ago. I might have to whip up a couple now 🙂

  6. Melissa C. says:

    Love! Emma the paperbag bookcovers, but hers are superfancy with painted and bedazzled scenes.

  7. I love that frog. Now what’s this about a new quilt? What happened to OTR?

  8. My grandmother always made fabric book covers for me as well. I hadn’t thought about that in years, so thanks for the little walk down memory lane. 🙂

  9. doris says:

    I do love those pincushions!

  10. Darla says:

    Mis-spelled isn’t misspelled; it’s a matter of usage! ;->

  11. Debbie says:

    Your giveaway was so much fun and I really like reading about your mom covering your books with fabric. What a great idea. Probably lasted a lot longer than paper bags or those crazy, stretchy bookcovers they have now. Do love your pincushion too. You had some very clever and neat ideas.

  12. Daffycat says:

    I just adore those pincushions. They are so cute. Well done, Missy!

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