12 Days Late, Better Than Never

October’s block #10 is finally finished! As always using the scarey funky DMC conversion. I did change the cow’s nose & udder to 352. The coversion was some god-awful orange. Yes, the cow is outlined in some god-awful green; but I’ve got standards. Apparently they involve orange noses. Live & learn.

Picture the whole shebang:

Working towards finishing the Pirate Quilt’s backing today. I’ve got the fabric (thank the quilting gods that Kona cottons are very consistant and the black I found is a perfect match for the black already used), just need to work out the maths and labeling. Fingers crossed for a Friday drop off for quilting…

Things I Wished I Stitched Thursday:

Oh how do I love this?! Tutorial here! This is more along the lines of I wish I had time… I’m swamped with commitments (so you know, feel free to make me one lol). Two Christmas exchanges, 2 more blocks of HoHRH, MiraRR, Winter Rose, Sampler Quilt, Pirate Quilt and whatever else I’m forgetting. All of this I MUST or really want to have finished by the first week of December. <insert insane cackling>

Two more things, does anyone have the Shepherd’s Bush freebie Be Jolly ? I’ll love you forever if you could email me a .pdf, .jpg, or even snail me a copy.  And my evil plan to become the Empress of Cross Stitch ™  &  Attention Whore Extraordinaire ™ (does Paris Hilton already got the trade mark on this?) is firmly in motion. Go see me in the latest issue of The Stitchers Voice.

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12 Responses to 12 Days Late, Better Than Never

  1. Annette says:

    You can do it!! I have every faith that you will bend your to-do list to your will….

    Or just take a very sharp (black! ha!) dagger to it so it’s more manageable.

  2. beritbunny says:

    Oh, I’ll cackle with you! I have a few wips (some not even packed away) and what am I doing? Loading up a cart at an ONS; I *think* I may have more stash in my cart than I do “allowance”. And this site doesn’t even have the linen I want. or *one* of the charts.

    Looks like 2 more orders are in, well, order. I think my birthday has made me loose my ever-loving mind. (Stash-loving, that is.) Off to follow Stitchers’ Voice link.

  3. JenJen3574 says:

    Wow, you will be done with this in no time! 🙂 Looks great – and I think I would have swapped out the crazy orange too.

  4. Debbie says:

    Woo Hoo on Block #10 Missy. You’re really on the homestretch! Oh my gosh, I remember my mom making a wreath like that a long time ago. I think those pom poms were a lot of fun to make (if it’s made the same way). And wish I could help you on the SB pattern. I’ve got a ton of freebies by them but not that one.

  5. Valerie says:

    Love the pompom wreath! Great HoHRH progress too! I’m in a whole “there is no way xmas ornaments are being made this year” reality! lol Good luck with your deadline!

  6. Melissa C. says:

    I like the expression on the cow’s face. lol

  7. Patti says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cow.
    Patti xxx

  8. staci says:

    Congrats on finishing Block 10! And when I scrolled down, the pic of the whole shebang took my breath away~~it’s really fabulous Missy!

  9. Daffycat says:

    12 days LATE??? I’ll forgive you, you were a tad busy in October…

    Looks fab…that cow cracks me up.

  10. Great work on HRH, Missy! Love your pics ~ especially the one with ATS! I’ll look for that chart – I have a bunch of them but it’ll have to be tomorrow. If I have it, I’ll let you know.

  11. I’ve got the chart, Missy. I seem to have misplaced your address – shoot me an email and I’ll drop it in the mail tomorrow.

  12. doris says:

    Damn! I sent a comment and forgot to answer the math question. Duh! So now I’m trying again.

    I also changed the cow colors. They were way too weird for me.

    Love the article in SV, you media whore, you. And I mean that in the nicest way.

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