Project Runway finale is on.

Ah shit, that bottom left block. It looks much cuter in person & when set so the strips are diagonal. Crap crap crap!!!! I had to re cut 1/2 of that stupid red polka dot basket before it would come out right. I don’t wanna re-do the stripe too!!

Ah well, gotta go watch Carol Hannah puke…

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7 Responses to Quickie

  1. Annette says:

    I feel bad for Carol Hannah. Biggest few days of her career (up to that point) and she’s so sick.

    I’m fairly sure I know who the winner will be, but I’d rather it be someone (anyone) else 😦

  2. beritbunny says:

    My old friends claim that I am *guaranteed* to like anything with diagonal parallel lines.

  3. Jolene says:

    Love your shabby chic quilt block and the fabs are beautiful choices. Hey, I have sent you several emails, have you received any of them???

  4. All I see is much cuteness. No idea why you’d want to redo anything.

  5. Don’t redo that block – it’s fabulous just the way it is. Has lots of character. Seriously. love the mix of fabrics – very cute. Poor Carol Hannah, not the way to enjoy her triumph of making it to Bryant Park.

  6. Melissa C. says:

    I can’t see the fault… If you hate it, you can always send it to me. 😀

  7. Michelle says:

    Oh I love the little baskets! Your fabrics are really the cutest!

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