What goes around comes around

Like I said I’m a very lucky girl. The universe has been repaying me via the “stitcherhood”. Packages full of wonderful things keep arriving.

Valerie sent me an extra special box full of goodies because I passed along an old floor stand of mine that was just taking up space in my attic.

My favorite colors! And what was inside wasn’t half bad either! lol

That scarf came out of the wrapping and went directly onto my neck. I took it off for pictures. 🙂  Hand knit by Valerie herself, the yarn is ultra wonderful – so soft and fluffy, but a little weight to it so you know it’s there. And well the color – perfection. Two! charts from my wishlist. The Santa one was kinda evil because I want to start it now!!! If I’m a good girl and get my obligations done I’m going to start that sometime in December. Something Wicked, well that’s me. 5, count ’em 5 skeins of silk (very useful NPI colors, I know I’ve got charts that’ll use these) and a Silk ‘n Colors off my wishlist too. Two little stickie pads with a W, but look now they’re a M & W. Stand back – my SMRT is rather brilliant. lol And a sweet smelling little candle that made my kitchen smell wonderful until…. Did you know you shouldn’t put TIN candles on those electric candle warmers? *snort* I’ll be cleaning my warmer today.  Thank you Valerie very much!!!

Moms sent me the new Mirabilia Christmas. Her, I & about 10 other stitchers are the only ones who like this so it worked out ok. Maybe I’ll even have it stitched for Christmas. 2010 or 2011. Maybe. 😉

In person the colors are great. And it also uses approx 836 beads in a 5 x7 space. So yeah, I like it.

She also sent me an email with the enlargement of the picture that inspired me to stitch Winter Rose (one of these days the typo is going to get past me and it’ll be Wiener Rose).

Isn’t it fabulous? My Aunt Lorraine is one the left & my Grandma Dorothy is on the right. The picture was taken in 1938 – it’s just so Christmas Story! But I think you can see why I thought Winter Rose. And speaking of which, I did make a little progress on her. I haven’t worked on her nearly enough this week. I’ll need to make some major head way this weekend.

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15 Responses to What goes around comes around

  1. Melissa C. says:

    Oooh, what a great package. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. doris says:

    You’ve become the queen of fabulous prizes. Nice going!

    Love the pic from the 30’s. I could look at old pictures forever … the skates, the clothes, the buildings … very cool.

    Winter Rose is coming along great.

  3. Christine S says:

    What a lovely package! And thanks for the larger photo of the Mirabilia tree…you can actually tell how many beads are on it. Looking forward to WIP pics.

  4. Valerie says:

    Yay, so happy you liked everything! The NPIs are for Something Wicked. I really left out a lot in my card. lol Happy weekend! 🙂

    Winter Rose is coming along beautifully. Love the inspirational photos. I’m a sucker for those old prints.

  5. Daffycat says:

    Such wonderful stash. I’d did around for days just fondling it!

    Winter Rose is looking awesome, I just love the sparkle!

    I adore the old photograph. How wonderful!

  6. Debbie says:

    Love the picture!

    The stash looks wonderful also!

  7. Lori says:

    I love that picture of you grandma ice skating! You are right, it is SOOO Christmas Story!! Great packages!

  8. If you get tired of that scarf, it can come visit my house. Melissa = Queen of the Fabulous Prizes. I like that.

    Love the photo of your grandma and aunt. Old family stuff like that is just so precious. Definitely Winter Rose.

  9. Blu says:

    I’m one of those 10 that likes this tree. Sadly I can’t can’t justify getting the kit…
    The photo of your grandma and aunt is awesome. I’ve been looking for old family pics and oldest I can find are from the 70s (with those horrible styles!)

  10. beritbunny says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer, more generous stitcher. For warming candles, I use one of those mini crock pots (it was “free” in the box with my big boy). Plunk the candle in, fill water around ‘er and plug in.

    I also (well kinda) liked that Mira kit…are there really only ten of us?

  11. staci says:

    Love that pic…you need a framed one to set out (at least at the holidays, if not year round!)

    Fabulous goodies too…looks like you and Valerie both made out like bandits!

  12. Sara says:

    Ooh, lots of goodies:) Enjoy!

    Holy crap, who knew the dead Christmas tree was decked out in so many beads. You must show a side view of that thing when you finish it!

  13. MarieP says:

    That was very thoughtful of both of you. 🙂 As for all of those beads, that would certainly drive me bonkers! Good luck with that “little” project.
    I love the ice skating picture! Maybe you could frame the picture and your stitched piece together.

  14. Brigitte says:

    Enjoy this lovely package.
    Your project looks so lovely. just perfect for stitching during the winter.

  15. Autumn says:

    I kinda like the Mira kit. There’s something appealing about it. Maybe it’s all the beads. Maybe it’s because it’s more of an Autumn tree and not so much a Christmas tree LOL

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