It wouldn't have taken much…

for yesterday to be better than Thursday. But turns out it was a good day by just about any measure. And it snowed in Houston! Nothing stuck for more than a hour where I live, but I was loving it. I haven’t seen snow since ’04.

My HOE ornament arrived.

Margaret stitched the Prairie Schooler reindeer from this November’s Gift of Stitching magazine. I’ll tell you all right now, you can not go wrong giving me a reindeer. I don’t know when it happened but I’ve developed a rather frightening reindeer fetish. 😉

She did a lovely job on the stitching and finishing. I love the simplicity of the back – just a few falling snowflakes. Don’t be surprised when you see me copy that idea. And woot! My first Christmas card of the year.

Shelleen also sent me a package. I got lucky and won a giveaway she had on her blog & here’s what I received.

A pretty autumn colored scissor fob. A fat quarter of super cheerful cotton, which I’m sure will get used – here’s an idea: maybe I’ll make something for myself. lol  And she fed my magnetic note pad fetish. Should I have titled this post Melissa’s Fetishes? Oh great, I said fetish. The spam comments that I’m going to get…

Thank you Shelleen!

I’m at about the half way point of binding the Pirate Quilt. I meant to include a picture but forgot & I’m too lazy to get up and take one now.  We’ll just pretend that I’m saving it all for the big post that will be all about the Pirate Quilt – ’cause I haven’t shown a picture since it came home from the quilter have I? Well, it looks great. 😀

Van break in update: It looks like all the cards are cancelled with minimum hassle and no ill effects (knock wood). The regulator was not broken!! Whew! And the glass was repaired yesterday. There is some damage to the door & window seal that is going to have to fixed. Fingers crossed that isn’t too expensive. Andy drove the van to Baton Rouge last night for a meeting over the weekend and he said the noise from the seal was rather spectacular. There was some damage to the door handle – but when the door panel was off for the glass repair Andy messed with it and it appears he was able to fix that. The ashtray and car lighter were also stolen. :shaking head: We did receive another phone call from the police and while they were waiting for the warrent on the thief’s car it looks like some of our property was seen and it looks like we’ll get most of the stolen items back.

All in all it could’ve been much worse. Oh, and Andy – he completely cleaned out the van before leaving for Baton Rouge.

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7 Responses to It wouldn't have taken much…

  1. Valerie says:

    I can’t believe it snowed in Houston! My friend’s flight got cancelled and she was stuck in MO for an extra night. Weird!

    Love the ornie from Margaret! Cute!

    Glad the van stuff is working itself out…what a pain though!

  2. jolene says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I am so sorry to hear about your van being broken into. That was horrible!!

    Snow, snow, snow all day here in Utah. You would love it!!! Your reindeer ornament is awesome and the perfect gift for you.

    Congrats on winning some giveaway goodies!

  3. Melissa says:

    I have a thing for reindeer too. For some reason I just love them more and more every Christmas.

    Lucky you getting snow in Houston. You all are farther south than us and we are bummed that we’re not getting any of the white stuff. I’m guessing since you are farther from the coast than we are that that is probably the difference but still on The Weather Channel it looked like Galveston was getting some white stuff too and you can’t get any closer to the water than that.

    Great prize package!

  4. Dani says:

    You got some awesome stitchy stuff in the mail! The back of that ornie sure is sweet!

  5. doris says:

    A reindeer fetish, huh? So, so many jokes are in my head, but I’ll spare you. I’m rather fond of mooses (yes, I know it’s supposed to be moose, but I like the word “mooses”). In fact, I’ve been trying to see a wild moose out in nature for about 15 years, but none have crossed my path. The moose quest continues.

    Glad to hear the van break-in isn’t as bad as it could be.

  6. Michelle says:

    That’s good news on the break-in. Hopefully you guys won’t be out too much $, and the repairs will be easy. How fun your reindeer ornament is – love it! We got a tiny bit of snow here too – not enough to last, but enough to surprise me.

  7. Susan says:

    What a cute ornament. I like the back of it, too.

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