Off to a good start

Gah, the colors photographed badly.  Eh, I’ll get over it. LK’s Double Flips ’08 are this year’s monthly project, I’m stitching them all together on one piece of Bo Peep Pink 28ct. Lugana. So fast compared to HoHRH. 😉

I think tomorrow I’ll pull ATS out (yes And They Sinned – it’s still handy, not packed away at the bottom of a closet). Again seriously doubt that it will be finished this year, but I have hope for ’11. Maybe. If I actually work on it. And if I don’t work on it tomorrow, blame Bluebell. She’s calling my name from her drawer.

Now for the obligatory goals portion. I did well with my reading last year. I almost completed 4 25 Book Challenges & was successful in not buying as many books as I have in past years (yes – this is a problem for me, I can & will spend $50 per week on books if I’m not careful). And when I figure in the books I re-read (which I didn’t include in the Challenges) & the books I read before I started the first 25 I know I’ve read more than 100 books this year. Probably in the 110-120 range. I’ll go ahead and do something similar this year with a couple tweaks. I need to get some of my massive hoard read, I have 3 overflowing bookshelves of TBR books. I will be reading in groups of 28, and I will be reading 3 to 1. Which means 3 books out of every 4 must be from my hoard (and only 1 of the hoard may be a Kindle edition)  and the 1 may be from the public library. After every 28 I will be allowed to buy ONE book.

Quilting goals: Finish Over The River by October & send it in for quilting. Start and finish at least 6 blocks of one of my needleturn quilts. Or 3 or each. Finish the 101 Sampler or the Hush-a-bye kit that was a Christmas gift. Finish Zelda’s Hat.

Cross stitch: Monthly Flip Its. Shakespeare’s Fairies, Bluebell, Caribbean – all finished. Get to at least the top of page 3 of ATS. Work on Misty Morning Vineyard and start Sea of Roses HAED. I will also start another Project Challenge – because check it out! I finished 50 Projects this year. 😀 😀 😀 I think the new challenge will be 30. And I’m going to try much harder to stick to the no-buy rule until 30 are finished rule. I did fair to ok with the 50. It was a definite improvement over the amount of buying I had been doing which makes it a win IMHO.

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15 Responses to Off to a good start

  1. KarenV says:

    Wow, I’m impressed by your books read total for last year! I read a paltry 37, which is really not great, especially as I did more reading than normal over the summer. I want to read many more books in 2010.

    Your L*K piece is coming along nicely so far.

  2. Christine S says:

    Haha, I was excited that I read 24 books this year! I haven’t done a lot of reading in recently passed years so this was pretty exciting for me.

    Have fun with the Double Flips and I can’t wait to see your progress/finishes on your other goal pieces!

  3. Annette says:

    I managed 91 books read last year and have set a goal of 100 this year 🙂

    You must read Black Jewels this year!

    Great start on the L*K 🙂

  4. Valerie says:

    OMG, how do you read that much?! I think I read maybe 6 books this year. Sad…I was a total bookworm and speedreader. Now I’m a slowpoke.

    Great start on the L*K FlipIts!

  5. Debbie says:

    Wow Missy! You finished 50 projects this year??? YGG! That’s such a great accomplishment. I wish you luck with all your goals in the coming year. And don’t rule out finishing ATS this year. It gets addicting as you work on it. I think that we need to see a progress pic soon (I still chuckly to myself over your Adam).

  6. Wow, you finished 50 projects AND read that many books?! Color me impressed! I only had 19 finishes and read 37 books for the year (19 new & 18 re-reads). LOL I like your 3 to 1 concept, too. 😉

  7. That’s odd, I put the wink at the end of my sentence but it put it at the beginning of the line. *shrug* Just didn’t want you to think I was putting a random wink in a bizarre place.

  8. beritbunny says:

    My gosh; not only did you get all that done but you also KNOW how much you got done! I…have no idea how much I read/stitched, other than “not that much”! Idk if tracking books is really that practical for me since I read a lot online and also a lot of graphic novels (aka: Comics). I should really read at least one Significant book this year. I also need to play more videogames. (Yup, lol videogames.)

    Your new monthly start is looking fab. I’m not much of a LK fan, but once in a while I’m impressed by someone’s stitching of it. 😀

    I do have a kindle…I could dl something “significant” for it…

  9. Kathy A says:

    Whew, that’s quite the list! Good luck with those goals.
    Love your LK start.

  10. Siobhan says:

    What a great start, Missy! I am so impressed with your finishes, in particular the amount of books read. I used to be a voracious reader and fell away from it for a few years. Finally I am back, reading a lot, and my daughter & I are doing a 50 book challenge. Fun!

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2010.

  11. Daffycat says:

    This looks fabulous. What a great new start!

  12. Cheryl says:

    OK, broken record, I know, but if you weren’t my friend, I would seriously hate you for your productivity. 😉 Instead, I’m in awe of your prolific talent. The only category I can hope to rival your accomplishments is reading. I read 50+ books just on the Kindle (which I didn’t get until May), and that doesn’t count what I re-read (BDB series got a second read recently). Maybe if I’m good my needles will fly as fast as yours this year!

    Oh, and no matter how many pics you post of ATS, I will NOT kit and start it – not me!

  13. Ranae says:

    wow! I am jealous of all the reading you did this year. I kind of slacked off in that department, lol
    I love the LK start
    Happy reading and stitching 2010!!!

  14. JenJen says:

    You have shamed into admitting I need to read more! 110 books? Whew! You rock. I read about 5… 😦

  15. Melissa says:

    Oh I love Sea of Roses! Good luck with the reading goal. That’s one area of my life where setting goals just doesn’t work. Sometimes I have a lot more time to read and I do the audio thing as much as possible so I can stitch while “reading”. I thought about doing the BDB on audio but decided it might be a little too “stimulating”. LOL Definitely material to be read, not listened to…

    Your 2009 was a success, may 2010 bring you many, many hours of stitching/quilting/reading happiness!

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