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Aw jeez I need some money

Or Carriage House Samplings is shutting her doors. I know old news is old, but I need *something* to blog about. In the past two days I’ve ordered both Village & Autumn @ HRH – but I am far from … Continue reading

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Needful Things

Or a Vicarious Shopping Trip. There are boxes, and then there are Caskets. Baltimore Halloween anyone? ¬†New BOM starting. There is time to get caught up on the series, release date is April 27th. Our friends at Christie’s are having … Continue reading

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Things to post, but too lazy to post them

Blu gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. 10 Things you probably don’t know or even care to. ūüėČ 1. I almost had an older Vietnamese brother or sister, but my Dad’s mother & step-father were horrible awful people and that’s … Continue reading

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Here comes Peter Cottontail

I received my Fair & Square Easter round squares yesterday. Love the bunny! This is a Waxing Moon freebie stitched by Christine (no blog) on some poorly photographed but really nicely colored in person linen. Don’t you love her sig … Continue reading

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Mail Day

Pretty much everything I was expecting this week came yesterday. Two RRs, a fat quarter of Chapagne Cocktail, and two finishing books. Oh the finishing I will do! Really nice book. I have directions for box finishing, but not one … Continue reading

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About that start something I shouldn't

bit in the last post. Am I covered if I started & finished it? Not gonna pick apart my lacking machine sewing skills. Or the fact the only felt I have access to in TX (without involving mail order) is … Continue reading

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Not a complete slug

I did manage a teensy bit more on the Hats & Cats block of Baltimore Halloween. Two¬†Three problems: I haven’t been working on it much at all, I hate the broom bristle pieces with a white hot passion, and I … Continue reading

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February is 28 days

so it’s not even close to a month of me not posting right? Whatever. Let’s see what have I been up to? Not a whole lot. Reading reading reading. Posting more irrelevant ¬†drivel to Facebook. ¬†Being bad and buying a … Continue reading

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