February is 28 days

so it’s not even close to a month of me not posting right?

Whatever. Let’s see what have I been up to? Not a whole lot. Reading reading reading. Posting more irrelevant  drivel to Facebook.  Being bad and buying a fat quarter of Champagne Cocktail from Enchanted’s shop closing last hurrah (seriously it was NECESSARY, stash rules be damned). And then there was the chart I bought, but again NECESSARY – yes I have a bunny fetish but it doesn’t extend towards Easter & I needed something a little more Eastery. Then there’s the 10 books I came home with from the used book store. Oops. Ummm… they stalked me and followed me home? I told them no, but they kept coming? And then there’s the total bullshit of me straining/tearing a muscle in my shoulder (it’s actually at the very top of the trapezius muscle) that’s making my life a minor freakin’ hell. But other than that things are great. Oh wait, my jeans are getting tight. See what I mean about my existence being hellish? 😉

Now on to the pictures, don’t worry if you’re all tl,dr that wall of text above – it’s not important.

Jenn’s Mirabilia RR

Dying of jealousy. Well, mostly – I’ve seen my RR lately it’s a little bit of the awesome. Which is the only reason I didn’t swipe Jenn’s. (Ok and this truly annoying bit of personal integrity I’ve got laying around, but I’m working on drinking it to death. Vodka seems to work well. I’ll keep you up to date on how it’s going.)

I stitched Rosebud Lullaby, too cute no? Finished it up while watching The Wedding Singer, so now you know what Adam Sandler + Drew Barrymore’s baby would look like.

Jill Rensel finished up the framing on HoHRH & according to UPS it’ll be delivered to my Mom next Monday.

This sucker is 32″ wide if it’s an inch.

The frame was made by Valley House Primitives & Jill had nothing but nice things to say about the quality of their work. BTW total cost with shipping was approx $300. And that includes museum glass.

I should be stitching a good bit soon. I have an Easter Fair & Square due, one LK flip it over due & the next due, Winter House exchange on HOE, the next Mirabilia RR and Moms bought me the kit (with NPI’s & 40ct linen FTW!!!!) of CaHRH. So guess what I’m starting?  If you guessed something not scheduled & that I don’t have time to screw around with – you’ll probably be right. And you also know me very well.

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11 Responses to February is 28 days

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love that frame. It’s perfect.

    You’re still more productive than me, even when you have an *off* month. LOL

  2. Valerie says:

    Great job on the MiraRR and Jill did an amazing job on your HoHRH. I love those mouldings from Valley House Primitives. They look awesome…great job!

    Museum glass…I wonder if I should be using that… Hmmm

  3. beritbunny says:

    YGG on that C@HRH score–Mom came through! She isn’t in the market to adopt another daughter by any chance, is she? (Sort of like an “heir and a spare”?) She could set up a sweatshop full of “Daughter”-Stitchers–I’d sign up. Think of how many finishes she’d have. *cackle*

    Bunnies in Frame under museum glass = Yes.

    Missed your humor; hope your shoulder starts behaving ASAP! 😀

  4. Daffycat says:

    Gee, it would so totally suck to be you, Missy! ***giggles***

    HoHRH looks freakin’ awesome!!! Gorgeous job!

    Post more often. Or I’ll curse you!

  5. Michelle says:

    OMG, HRH is gorgeous. That frame, oh, that frame!!! I think I need it to come and live at my house. The RR looks fantastic as well – so sweet. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough February. Here’s hoping the should is better and the pants fit looser! And how fun that you’re going to stitch CAHRH….so pretty in person!!

  6. Well, I never knew Mirabilia did babies – how cute is that!? What a fun addition to her RR. I can’t wait to see a new pic of yours, too! Your HRH is GORGEOUS! I love how it turned out – the frame is just perfect for it. Did you walk all around trying to find just the perfect place for it or did you already have one picked out?

    • Missy Ann says:

      We did the frame sight unseen. Let me clarify that. Mom paid for the framing, HoHRH is going to hang in her house, it was my Christmas present to her.

      I told her to go look at pictures of HoHRH on the web and see what she thought of the framed ones. Well she fell in love with the cover model. She wanted a frame just like that. Now that we knew what she wanted we had two issues. I wasn’t going to trust MY HoHRH to just anyone, I wanted Jill Rensel to do the framing. So off it went to Jill, then Jill had to find “the frame”. The cover model? That company had stopped doing frames. Jill called Carriage House and asked her for a recommendation, she recommended Valley House Primitives. Lucky for us they don’t have minimum orders etc… And there it is. Only needed 5 different people/companies to get this baby framed. 6 if you count the shipping company. lol

  7. MarieP says:

    Wow, wow, wow the framed piece is truly gorgeous; huge congrats on the finish. I love the RR that you are working on. 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    HRH is beautiful! Perfect frame for it! I can’t believe Enchanted Fabrics closed! I *loved* her fabrics and I had no idea they were closing. Is it too late to pick up some stash???

  9. Christine S says:

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder!! Great work on the Mira RR and your framed piece turned out great.

  10. Brigitte says:

    Wow! The framed Houses looks stunning. What a wonderful frame for a wonderful work.
    I love the Mirabilia RR that you show here.

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