Not a complete slug

I did manage a teensy bit more on the Hats & Cats block of Baltimore Halloween.

Two Three problems: I haven’t been working on it much at all, I hate the broom bristle pieces with a white hot passion, and I discovered Tuesday I can’t needle turn with a bum shoulder. But gads I hate those bristle pieces.

Picture of the perverts:

Broad daylight on the living room couch. Just because the kid’s at school doesn’t mean you don’t have to at least close the blinds.

And because I can not (or is it will not?) pick just one here & there I’m going to throw in some of my favorites from Nashville this year.

Snow Queen’s Slipper

Gotta have it. Love the colors, love the thought of a tiny little shoe pincushion (yes I know the idea has been around hundreds of years) wouldn’t change a thing about it.

My shoulder is feeling better after being babied all day yesterday and I’m hoping to stitch for at least a couple of hours later today.

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8 Responses to Not a complete slug

  1. Annette says:

    Love the slippers… but can you see it in black and orange??? 😀

  2. Missy Ann says:

    Evil Annette, very evil – because now I can & I want!!!!!!! lol

  3. Blu says:

    Very very pretty slipper. While I’d love to stitch it my lousy finishing skills stop me.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I was lusting after the slippers, too. you have excellent taste (but you knew that already. LOL). Porn-star cats! EEEK!!

    Hope the shoulder improves. I’m pretty sure that means no housework. 😀

  5. You may hate those bristles, but I love ’em! I could poke a few folks with points like that if I had something similar laying around! Cheryl’s right – Porn Star Kitties! How funny!

    Can’t wait to see your slipper finish in blue or orange & black or whatever . Very pretty and far beyond my skills!

    Continue to feel better. I hope you get some stitch time in that is pain free!

  6. Robin says:

    The perverts, lololol!!!! Hilarious!! Love the progress on the block!! And the bristles look wonderful – even if you don’t like doing them. 🙂

  7. Siobhan says:

    Porn star kitties!! 😉

    Great progress on the block–it looks great!

  8. Anne S says:

    I have to admit those Slippers were my one true downfall this year – I wasnt buying any more stash, then I saw that one and fell in LUST … and seeing as I HAD to order one thread I was desperate for that I couldn’t get locally … well, it made sense to make up the postage didn’t it? 😛

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