Here comes Peter Cottontail

I received my Fair & Square Easter round squares yesterday.

Love the bunny!

This is a Waxing Moon freebie stitched by Christine (no blog) on some poorly photographed but really nicely colored in person linen. Don’t you love her sig square? I love how the C underlines her whole name.

About the Champagne Cocktail from last post, it’s kinda what I’m using for Caribbean. For that I’m using the Mystique  – this is the Flair version.  I used that for my Mirabilia Letter M.

Now I need to talk a bit about this.

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m torn between awe and abject jealousy. I wonder if I hadn’t spent my youth perfecting eyeliner technique & my adulthood perfecting the art of surfing the net could I have been capable of something like this? Am I capable of something like this? And holy crap, embiggen the pictures of the quilting! The awesome it just keeps coming. Anyway this has been kept unread in my reader for days now. I swear I’ve looked at it a hundred times. Love. Love. Love.

Now on to the misc.

Working on my F&S. Going quick. 🙂

Primitive Traditions – Love To One. Why is this chart not getting more love? It is fan-freakin’-tastic. I’ve only seen one other person give it some love in her Market report. Tragic.

I’ve also decided I’m on the hunt for Carriage House’s Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I’ll buy it if you’ve got it cheap – but I’d much prefer a trade or trade/loan. My stash is extensive, if there’s something you want it’s at least 2008 or older I very well may be able to help you out.  Drop me a line or leave a comment if you think we can deal.  Thanks!

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10 Responses to Here comes Peter Cottontail

  1. Kathy A says:

    Missy Ann I have Shores of Hawk Run kitted and never put in a stitch. Lost my interest in it. I am sure we could work something out!

  2. Silverlotus says:

    Wow, that quilt is stunning. That is what I dream to do, but in reality I’m luck I can sew a kinda straight line.

    I also really like the Love to One chart, and I don’t like primitive-style designs at all usually. It might just make it to my wish list. 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    I think the bunny is so darling!! And let’s talk about the selvage quilt! Aren’t those the greatest things? I’ve been saving all my salvages to make one of these – means I’ve got to cut up a lot of fabric, but I so love those. I’ve seen them in many different designs – I’ve seen tote bags made out of them. I just love them. I think that you’re totally capable of doing one of these – it’s just selvages and sewing straight lines.

    And Love to One – I keep going back and looking at that pattern – I really like it. I hesitated because it’s not a sampler, but I love the overall design and I’m going to order it once I get my stash acquisition from last month completely paid for. It’s a great piece!!

  4. Daffycat says:

    Wonderful F&S exchange! I agree, that siggie is darling!

    Holy cow, that quilt is awesome! Just think of all the selvage scraps she had to go through! I wonder did she buy fabric just for the selvage???

  5. Michelle says:

    Cute blocks!! And wow on that quilt – just amazing.

  6. Robin says:

    The bunny is just too cute. And that quilt… oh my! I must admit I drooled just a little! Have a great weekend!

  7. Siobhan says:

    What a great exchange set! Love it. The bunny is too cute.

    That quilt–omg. I’m more of a traditional gal when it comes to quilt patterns but her quilts knock my socks off. Wow wow wow. That quilt, the quilting, in-freaking-credible.

  8. Siobhan says:

    PS–if things don’t work out with Kathy on Shores, I am sure that I have the chart around here. Just LMK. I was showing my SIL my ‘to be framed’ pile and as much as I love everything I stitch, I have to say that the colors in it are incredible and it’s a fun stitch.

  9. JenJen says:

    Love the fair and square! Such a cute bunny – very spring-like. 🙂

  10. barbara says:

    Great FS squares, Missy. 🙂

    You asked about the BOAF sampler I’m currently working on. It’s called Apple Sampler.

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