A finish & a gift & that applies to everything

Earlier this Cheryl gifted me with the kit to make The Snow Queen’s Slipper by Carolina House. Well, here it is!

I also loaned out my Hester’s Needle Hearts Left Behind (sadly OOP) chart to Kathy. And she just finished hers and as a thank you sent me the prettiest fob with my chart.

And I joined a smalls exchange over on the Rotation BB and Heather was my partner.


Wowza. I hadn’t thought to use crystals like that on a biscornu before, they look outstanding on it.  And those fabrics… drool.  I get the *best* exchange partners.

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15 Responses to A finish & a gift & that applies to everything

  1. Melissa C. says:

    Oooooh, that biscornu is so pretty!

  2. Silverlotus says:

    I know I’ve said it like 5 times already, but I am so glad you like it. 🙂 I’m also glad you like the Halloween fabric enough to use it for finishing your giveaway prizes.

    I love, love, love the Snow Queen Slipper! You did a fabulous job.

  3. Valerie says:

    Love your slipper…you did such a great job with it. Cute fob and that biscornu is fantastic. Love the colors of the flowers!

  4. Nicole says:

    Beautiful biscornu!!

  5. Christine S says:

    Snow Queen’s Slipper came out amazing! Lucky you on receiving that beautiful biscornu!

  6. JenJen says:

    Gorgeous pieces all of them! I especially love the slipper. 🙂 Very nice haul.

  7. Myra says:

    Your slipper is gorgeous as is the fob and the biscornu. Lucky you with all those beauties!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Snow Queen’s Slipper = Awesome.

    You DID get a most excellent haul with the exchange there. That biscornu is fabulous!

  9. beritbunny says:

    Fantastic stuffs, missy! I know how much you like the shiny stuff, so this is a perfect exchange for you!

  10. Robin says:

    LOVE the slipper!! Awesome finishing!!! And those exchange and thank you goodies are fab, too. Esp. the biscornu. Gorgeous colors!!

  11. Michelle says:

    Love your finish – so dainty! And lots of goodies in the mail. That biscornu is stunning with the crystals. Lucky girl!!!

  12. Blu says:

    Queen Anne’s Slipper is so awesome!
    Great haul in the mail~

  13. Daffycat says:

    Your smalls finishes are freakin’ awesome! Aren’t they just darling? Well done.

    I adore the exchange from Heather and I agree, the fabrics she sent are indeed drool-worthy!

  14. Siobhan says:

    What fantastic finishes! I love your slipper set–really cool. Great exchanges, too!

  15. Anne S says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous finish of the slipper set – if mine looks just half as good as yours (once I get around to actually starting it, but that’s another story LOL), I’ll be ecstatic! Love the biscornu and exchange items too 😀

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