I've got a thank you to say

To Plays With Needles! She had a giveaway on her blog for some extra books she had in her collection and I got lucky and won the bead embroidery book (yes, I’m thinking about it – as in I have the supplies and now a couple of books on the subject).

And the package was a 3 for 1. First  the lovely book, then a gorgeous photo that she took herself (seriously I’m so in love with picture, I’m buying a frame for it this weekend) and even the envelope was something special. She did a tutorial post for them too, check it out.  Thank you very much Susan!

P.S. Just add her blog to your reader now, it’s very fabulous and frankly – a drool factory.

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2 Responses to I've got a thank you to say

  1. Ana Kreutzer says:

    Congrats on winning. that is an amazing picture. Have a great day!

  2. Lisa Russell says:

    I enjoyed reading through her blog. Thanks for sharing! Lisa R.

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