Halloween Never Ends Here

Seriously, I got whacked out on some pain pills the other night (shoulder issues) and the next thing I know I’m actively plotting with Facebook friends for next Halloween.  Be that as it may…

Erica (in record time lately – Canada Post HATES ME) received her package.

That’s a Bent Creek finished up as a pinkeep. I would also like to point out the rusched ribbon. I will also draw attention to the fact this is the only rusched ribbon you see in any of my giveaways. This finishing technique was designed by the Devil. Moving on… Pop over to Erica’s blog, she took some spiffy pictures. That is also some well traveled pumpkin fabric, SilverLotus sent it to me as a goodie in an exchange we did earlier this year.  Those little pumpkins have clocked well over 1,000 miles this year.

Valerie’s package also arrived!

Design by With Thy Needle & Thread, I stitched it over one on some 28 count linen banding. I’m also feeling quite pleased with myself for finishing the back with snaps so Valerie can take it off the broom and launder it if need be. Or she could buy more linen banding and make seasonal broom wraps like Marie suggested to me.

In other news I’ve been tweaking the blog, new fall graphics and I’ve added a spiffier Goodreads widget & Google’s Follow Me too. (Shameless begging – please click on it if you do that sort of thing, I love Annette – but I am feeling terribly lonely with only her over there. Thx luv u guys!)

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12 Responses to Halloween Never Ends Here

  1. Valerie says:

    Cute pinkeep for Erica! Thanks again for the broom and goodies. I love Marie’s idea because uh, have you seen WtN&T’s Snowman design for Christmas?! OMG, I covet! I really need to stay off the internets. I wonder how long I can restrain my click-y finger from purchasing that one… 🙂

  2. Annette says:

    I found my trees today… half price at Hallmark! woot!!!

    See you Friday 😀

  3. vEr0n!c@ says:

    All the packages are so yummy. Your finishing looks great, especially the pinkeep even though you hated the ribbon technique.

  4. Nicole says:

    Oh goodness, I don’t think I’ll ever try rusched ribbon now! LOL

    Hope your shoulder is better 🙂

  5. Diana says:

    Both those giveaways are really cute! I especially like the rusched ribbon on the Bent Creek design. Sorry to hear it was so hard to do. The snaps on the fabric around the broom also sounds like a great idea.

  6. Cheryl says:

    It’s all wonderful stuff. But that broom. Oh. My. Goodness. See you in less than 24!

  7. Debbie says:

    Both of those giveaways are adorable. I just love that broom. Wish I could have gotten in on the action more this year, but I got lost somewhere. But I still look at my last year’s winning every time I’m in my sewing room – they stay on the shelf all year so I can enjoy them.

  8. Cindi says:

    Love the two packages, especially the broom. What a cute idea!

  9. Measi says:

    When you get back, I’d love to know how you got the Google Reader follow widget to work – for some reason, I cannot get it to set up on my blog, and there is something just comforting to see when you’re being “followed.” 🙂

  10. Michelle says:

    In love. The ribbon you used for the ruching is fab. And I’m dying over that With Thy Needle piece…it’s too cute. I think I need one. I’m sad too that I’m not there for Quilt Market this year. Maybe next year. I can dream.

  11. Mary Jane says:

    Your finishes you just posted are terrific, and I’m so pleased I actually guessed right about the broom band! Thanks again for a month of fun!

  12. Susan says:

    Very cute, Missy!

    I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us for next year!

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