I've walked miles and miles

Houston International Quilt Festival is practically criminal in its size. Massive doesn’t do it justice.  And oh how I shopped; but the best part was the company. Amanda, Annette, Cheryl, Marie, and Pat along with bumping into a few other local quilting gals – Genie,  Mary Lea & Shari made for an outstanding Festival.  I was so glad to spend time with you all!

I took a zillion more quilt pictures this year than I did last, but those are for next post. This post is for STASH. (And I’ll have you know not only did I stay in budget – I had money left over – go me!)

I bought some fat quarters for my Sin Bonnet Sue project (going to use the hand embroidery patterns as my templates for appliqué patterns).  I still have many fabrics to find for my girls, but I at least made a dent in what I’ll need.

Of course a few other fat quarters that aren’t for anything specific besides my satisfaction came home with me too.

And 4 half yard cuts of silk dupioni also found their way to my stash. I had a sad lack of Christmas colors and the red, green and gold certainly helped me fill the gap.

Speaking of silk, a few spools of #100 weight silk thread for appliqué were also purchased. 3 spools for $5! The spools aren’t quite full spools, but even if they’re only half full it was a still a bargain.

I live in fear of losing or misplacing my favorite pair of appliqué scissor, so I bought myself a second pair of 4″ Elan serrated blade. Even if you don’t do appliqué – these are fabulous to have, I adore them for cutting metallic threads when I cross stitch.

There were a number of truly fabulous bead booths and from the very first one I saw these skull!!! beads, rhinestone and dichroic glass cabochons called out to me.

Another of the fabulous bead booths was by I-Bead and I could have easily spent a hundred dollars there, but restrained myself and only bought one book of patterns (amulet bags with matching needlecases and earrings).

These wonderful glass bunny beads (I see a scissor fob in my future!) a handful of vintage keys and bag of Halloween theme trims were also great finds.

Yarn is not forgotten at Festival either and this wonderful red sparkley yarn jumped out at me, it’s another item that is going to find a spot on my Sin Bonnet Sue quilt.

And then there are the patterns! So very many ideas!  The Holiday 2010-2011 Quilting Arts Magazine Gifts issue. There is a reindeer tree skirt in there… you can ask Cheryl! I screamed like a little girl when I saw the model and ran to the booth. Unfortunately I did not realize the technique is painting on cotton; fortunately the pattern – I can use it for appliqué  just as easily.

Primitive Gatherings was there with a stunning collection of pretties again this year. And a wool table runner with an autumn theme and owls was my purchase there.

Dash Away the pattern with Santa & his reindeer did make it home with me this year, last year I *almost* bought it. I figured if I dared to pass it up again it would go out of print on me just to teach me a lesson. And well, when you like a pattern for 2 years – you really should buy it.

Like I need another purse – But this bag by Fabric Creations just had too many pockets to pass up.

Abbey Lane Quilts were also there with a booth. And it was meant to be. One of my local quilting groups is doing a black and white fat quarter exchange in December. The Lady Madonna quilt uses 16 black and white fat quarters and I adore the design, you see it has a huge appliqué on it! Their Glad All Over quilt pattern was also a favorite of mine, in fact it was on my wishlist – but I had forgotten Abbey Lane was the designer and I was so excited when I realized they had the pattern and the model there at Festival. And since the show special was 3 for $25  – who am I to pass up a discount? I added My Dear Prudence to my bag.

If you haven’t figured it out by now – appliqué is my quilting love. 🙂  So that’s my market report. I’ll have post with actual quilt pictures up in a few days.

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14 Responses to I've walked miles and miles

  1. Susan says:

    Nice stash haul, Missy! I can’t wait to see the pictures of all of you having fun 🙂

  2. Silverlotus says:

    Wow, those are some fabulous additions to your stash. I really love that bag of skull beads.

  3. Melissa C says:

    Sounds awesome. Those Sues are the best!

  4. Grace says:

    my oh my…you really did shop…everything looks good…keep posting!

  5. beritbunny says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing pics of the haul!

  6. Daffycat says:

    Oooo. What awesome stash, Missy! It looks as though you had loads of fun!

  7. Thutmosis says:

    Nice haul! Of course, my favorite parts are the silk fabric and the beads. 🙂

  8. Cindi says:

    You got some great stuff on your trip. So happy you had a good time!

  9. Myra says:

    I enjoyed seeing pics of your new stash Missy and will be watching them come to life in the months ahead.

  10. JenJen says:

    Looks like you have quite the nice haul – awesome that you still stayed under budget too. 🙂 I’m most jeolous of the company though. 🙂

  11. Kathy K says:

    Fabulous additions to your stash! This definately sounds like the kind of place I need to stay far far away from. Well, for my banking accounts sake. LOL

  12. Erin says:

    Nice! Those silks are so rich, and I love the Santa with reindeer.

  13. Michelle says:

    Dude. I am telling you, I need to come visit (or vice versa) so you can teach me to applique. I need remedial help. Amazing stash – lots of goodies of all sorts.

  14. Mary Lea says:

    Wow Melissa, those look like some fun projects…can wait to see them.

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