Enjoying your turkey coma?

I know I am. Love me some turkey. And tomorrow is turkey & dumplings – ambrosia in gravy.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m so proud of myself. For the first time I made my grandmother’s stuffing/dressing. It’s a giblet dressing and fantastic. I personally would’ve preferred to stuff the turkey – but alas, in every marriage there must be compromise. Anyway, it is awesome – but maybe not for everyone. It’s sweet & very unusual.

Grandma’s (Dorothy Jones) Stuffing:

Box of milk crackers* (around 12 oz.)

Raw turkey giblets (all the stuff in that bag)


onion small to medium small size

poultry seasoning


*Milk crackers are very difficult to find, but they can be found. I ended up mail ordering mine from Famous Foods.

Now Grandma did this with a crank grinder, but a food processor was my BFF.

All the crackers, process them to fine crumbs.

Process the giblets, stop short of turning them into a paste.

Process the onion finely.

And the celery too. Now the celery – I use approximately one third of a bunch. Use the pieces that are leafy, you know the not pretty ones you cut up for the veggie tray. Only trim off the bottoms and toss those, process the stalk & leaves finely.

Mix all these ingredients up in a large bowl. You want to barely see the onion, you should have to hunt for it. The celery should be easily seen but sprinkled throughout. You should notice the green, but the mixture should not look green. (Can you tell we don’t really have a recipe for this?)

Poultry seasoning (I measured this! go me!) about 1-1/2 teaspoons. Mix it in with the water. How much water… as much as you need. It should be wet. Add until about as flowy as brownie batter. Maybe a touch less. Bake at 350 covered for as long as the turkey takes. Remove the foil for about the last half hour of cooking.

Trying to think of what else I’ve been up to. My Christmas shopping is just about done, little stocking stuffer toys & candy are pretty much all I have left to buy. And a gift card for my SIL. I adore online shopping. I am faintly ashamed of how much mass produced stuff I’ve bought this year, last year I do so well with a largely hand made Christmas. But boys & big boys all want video games and electronics.

Haven’t been stitching as much as I should, but I have done a little.

Ok, this one is embarrassing. 9 stitches of progress on Caribbean. Moving on!

There was progress made on Shakespeare’s Fairies. It may not be obvious but much was accomplished in the back stitching on the staff & the surrounding beads. Fabric is PTP Phantom.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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10 Responses to Enjoying your turkey coma?

  1. Grace says:

    ths stitching looks great…sounds like you had a great Turkey day…and the stuffing sounds tasty…how fast November was….maybe it was just me….on to Christmas things!

  2. Michelle says:

    The fairies are gorgeous on that fabric. And some progress is better than no progress! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Joyce says:

    Way I see it, every little stitch counts towards that finish. ;)… and I love the lanterns in Shakespeare’s Fairies.

  4. Anne S says:

    Hey, 9 stitches is 9 stitches … better than 0 stitches 🙂

  5. Annette says:

    You can keep your stuffing… 😉

    Excellent progress… even one stitch is still one less to be done!

  6. Karin says:

    Fantastic progress! Hope you had a great thanksgiving.

  7. Melissa C. says:

    I am lmao @Annette.

  8. Mary Jane says:

    I’ll be watching for updates on Shakespeare’s Fairies – I have only seen it in ads, but not on a blog, and want to see what it “really” looks like! Thanks, too, for sharing your interesting stuffing recipe!

  9. JenJen says:

    That stuffing sounds really yummy – too bad I’m too $#@! lazy to try it out! It’s stuffing from a box for me! LOL

    Love the eye candy your WIPs always provide. 🙂

  10. SarahB says:

    Your stitchwork is absolutely beautiful! I found my way to your blog from your comment on my little log cabin block project over at Moda Bake Shop a few weeks ago! I’m finally making my way though the comments to say thanks to everyone! 🙂 I’m so happy you enjoyed my project and I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog too!

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