Birthday Books

It probably hasn’t escaped notice that I am a book junkie.

(not my pile – but i could do this if i wanted to)

Every year on the Tuesday (book release day is on Tuesdays, just like DVDs) closest to my birthday I treat myself a pile of shiny new releases from that day. This year my Birthday Books are:

In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

The Lady Most Likely by Julia Quinn et al

Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning Β which sadly isn’t truly a Birthday Book – its release has been pushed back for something like the 3rd time and is now not coming out until January – but too bad, I’m counting it.

But this post is not just about what I’m buying – I’m giving away books! My favorite trilogy of 2010 – Downside Ghosts written by Stacia Kane. You can read about the series on Goodreads. Sound like something you’d like to read? Well if you have a Kindle – or are willing to read on one of the zillion free Kindle apps Β (this is the easiest way for me to do this, and I’m all about the easy ;p ) leave a comment below telling me your favorite book or series of 2010 and you could be the lucky winner of Unholy Ghosts, Unholy Magic and City of Ghosts!

The vintage collection is also a giveaway but if you want a chance at that you must comment on that post.

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28 Responses to Birthday Books

  1. Siobhan says:

    Love the new books you picked out! I am always amazed at how fast you read. I don’t have a Kindle so will pass, but thanks for the opportunity!

  2. MissStitchy says:

    Sounds like an intriguing read! Count me in please!

  3. MissStitchy says:

    Forgot to list my favorite book this year. I just started The OUTLANDER series by Diana Gabaldon and have enjoyed it very much!
    Now, time for my morning coffee; which I obviously need!

  4. Lisa Russell says:

    I enjoyed reading the Hunger Games series this year.

    Lisa R.

  5. Kathy A says:

    Me, I fell head over heels for the Brotherhood. Can hardly wait for the new spring release! Toss my name in there would ya?
    And Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday again πŸ™‚

    I would love to read these books, they sound so good! I really didn’t do a lot of reading this year (gasp!!) but I always return to my favorite series, the Black Dagger Brotherhood!! I also threw in a couple of Nora Roberts’ Trilogies too.

  7. Cymberleah says:

    My favorite book? That’s actually a really hard question to answer. The Spirit Lens by Carol Berg was good, as was the latest book by FAS. I enjoyed the latest Kate Daniels book by Ilona Andrews, and the latest Dresden by Jim Butcher (even if the ending was terrible mean).

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Cindi says:

    I have a brand new Kindle from Santa!. I would lov to read these books and the chance to win a copy. My favorite books so far have been Anne Rice’s Vampire series. Ijust love a good vamp read.

  9. Jill In VA says:

    Look like good reads. I’m currently waiting impatiently for the Karen Marie Moning book myself – it’s pre-ordered on my Kindle! I hope you pick me!

  10. Smash Attack says:

    I have a brand new Kindle, so YAY! My favorite book series of 201o is The Disillusionist Trilogy by Carolyn Crane. I’ve heard nothing but awesomness about The Downside Ghost series. Thanks for the opportunity!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  11. Britney says:

    I just got a Kindle for Christmas! πŸ˜€
    My favorite series of 2010 would have to be the Hunger Games trilogy and Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series. I LOVED Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and can’t wait to read the rest.

  12. Becky says:

    Hmm. I think the best series I discovered this year was the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter. Book 3 is due out next week. I also finally got around to reading the Nadia Stafford series by Kelley Armstrong, which was excellent. I hoping things work out that she’ll be able to write more of them.

  13. Lora1967 says:

    I havent read these books but would love to i am sure i would become a big fan. Thanks for the chance to win them
    Happy New year

  14. Michelle says:

    Happy birthday to you!! Great book choices. And btw, I never knew books were released on Tuesdays – how cool!

  15. stephanie says:

    I enjoyed reading the percy jackson series this year. It amazes me how Rick Riordan can put all this mythology in an understanding to where I can really get it! Even in highschool I didn’t get mythology class. I know its for young readers but I love to learn and that was the best way for me to grasp mythology! I believe everyone should read it. Its truly amazing!! Hopefully I get to read the ghost series. Sounds intriguing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  16. Joe says:

    Series? Wow. New Dresden. Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger (Patient Zero & The Dragon Factory). Greg Rucka’s Atticus Kodiak (Keeper thru Walking Dead). Favorite? Mike Carey’s Felix Castor books are at least as good as the Dresden Files, a high compliment from me.

  17. Linda says:

    Wow, thanks! My favorite series this year … well, I think it’s a tie between the Vampire Academy series and the Hunger Games trilogy.

    How exactly are you going to give it away?

    • Missy Ann says:

      Via Amazon/Kindle. They recently made it possible to give Kindle books, all I’ll need from the winner is the email address they use with Amazon.

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  19. Silverlotus says:

    I read a lot, but I very rarely read brand new books. Weird, eh? That being said, my favourite 2010 book is the one I’m reading right now: At Home by Bill Bryson.

  20. Viki S. says:

    My favorite series ended this year. It’s Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series. ALPHA was excellent.

  21. Katie says:

    My favorite series this year was probably the Hunger Games trilogy πŸ™‚

  22. Cindy McCune says:

    Happy Birthday! Mine is in 2 weeks…would love to have these as a Birthday gift πŸ™‚ The series I’m stuck on is The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward! I have over 1500 read books and that doesn’t count ebooks!

  23. Nadia says:

    Nothing better than reading on a cold day! I’m always looking for a good series to start.

  24. Gabi says:

    Just popping in to say “Happy Birthday”. πŸ™‚

  25. MARINA says:

    Well this year I read The twilight saga, the midnight breed and last but not least the Lords of the Underworld, I’m just beggining the Brotherhood!

  26. Dell Lopez says:

    My favorite book of 2010 was hands down Jim Butcher’s Changes. I love Dresden and the latest did not fail to blow me away. I’m always happy when a writer of a long standing series doesn’t just go for the HEA in each book. Thanks for the contest! Happy Birthday!!

  27. Evelyn Lugo says:

    It has to be the series by Dan Silva with the latest being The Rembrandt Affair.

    Just got a Kindle…wooohoooo!!!!!

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