Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The 3 (awesome!) Downside Ghosts books by Stacia Kane are going to….

10. Ash!

Smash Attack Says:
December 27th, 2010 at 12:20 pm

I have a brand new Kindle, so YAY! My favorite book series of 201o is The Disillusionist Trilogy by Carolyn Crane. I’ve heard nothing but awesomness about The Downside Ghost series. Thanks for the opportunity!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The pile o’ vintage goodies and Blackbird calendar is going to live with…


staci Says:
December 27th, 2010 at 10:49 am e

Happy Blogoversary and Happy Birthday to You (and to us as well!)

My home would be perfect for your stuff!!!

Congrats to Ash & Staci! Be on the lookout for emails from me.

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3 Responses to Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  1. Kathy A says:

    Congratulations ASh and Staci on your wonderful birthday wins~

  2. Smash Attack says:

    Thank you SO much for the Unholy Ghosts series! So very excited.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    You did a beautiful job on Leah’s gift, and the scissors gifted to you – wow!

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