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Tack-tastic Part Deux

See what I did there? Classing the place up with some French. And that’ll be the end of the classy stuff. I am a firm believer that EVERY house needs something tacky. Being me, I turn this concept up to … Continue reading

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Questionable Taste Part 1

First in a series of posts where I discuss my taste or lack thereof or maybe it’s all in my mouth. Exhibit A: I like this. Really really like it. Proud of the fact most of those presents are wrapped … Continue reading

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I love round numbers. 🙂 Yesterday my little blog gained its 200th subscriber – which means it’s giveaway time! Leave a comment if you think you’d like a little something from me. I haven’t decided what it is. I think … Continue reading

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Mom's Quilt & Miscellany

*Note! I made a typo in my last post. CaHRH is being stitched 1 NPI thread over 2 on 40ct. linen. Sorry about that. * Don’t say a word. I forgot to grab a picture of Mom’s quilt all finished. … Continue reading

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Chatelaine Finish!

And I bet you’d all love to see it. But you are denied! (I know, evil = me) There’s still time for you to have a chance at getting your pristinely clean hands (because you’ve been busy stitching) on it. … Continue reading

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Block A Month

Remember way back when, in those heady days of New Year’s goal setting and feeling flush from the huge finish of HoHRH? Well I had set a goal of stitching just one of those cute little LK flip its a … Continue reading

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Things to post, but too lazy to post them

Blu gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. 10 Things you probably don’t know or even care to. 😉 1. I almost had an older Vietnamese brother or sister, but my Dad’s mother & step-father were horrible awful people and that’s … Continue reading

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