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Little bit here & there

I really haven’t been wasting much time the past few days. It seems like I’m always doing something. Stitching, cleaning, reading, nails, laundry, plotting… First up the MiraRR. I do want to make something a bit clearer, yes the pixies … Continue reading

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I worked on both, HoHRH & the Mirabilia RR. Hence the “boxen”. I’m stitching my MiraRR on 28ct. Violets In The Shade by SMF lugana. My theme for the piece is “Flower Pixie Debutante Ball” or “stitch me some damn … Continue reading

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Pretty As A Peacock

I’m happy with my progress this week on ATS. The Jessica stitches that I planned for the eyes worked out very well. I will say Jessicas on 36ct a touch more difficult than on 28ct. I frogged more than once. … Continue reading

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I need…

to add one of those mood things to my blog. Today mine would say “faintly homicidal”. I love my son I love my son I love my son, but I swear some days I want to punch him in the … Continue reading

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Lots of little things

got done today. Played some DDR. Cleaned up a hairball left for me my one of my dear, sweet, lovable, couldn’t possibly live without them cats. Hit the quilt shop. Worked on some OTR embroidery. A little bit more ATS. … Continue reading

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