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Here comes Peter Cottontail

I received my Fair & Square Easter round squares yesterday. Love the bunny! This is a Waxing Moon freebie stitched by Christine (no blog) on some poorly photographed but really nicely colored in person linen. Don’t you love her sig … Continue reading

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Not a complete slug

I did manage a teensy bit more on the Hats & Cats block of Baltimore Halloween. Two Three problems: I haven’t been working on it much at all, I hate the broom bristle pieces with a white hot passion, and I … Continue reading

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Weekly update

I suppose I should just admit that I’m only posting weekly now. Maybe once I pick up steam stitching again I’ll post more often. But I do have things to share. I started on Jenn’s Mirabilia RR. The white blob … Continue reading

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Someone dropped a house on my sister!

Woot! First block done, 12 to go. Unwashed, unpressed, & untrimmed but you get the idea. Now for the nit picky portion.  Two areas I wish I had done a little better… the bottom of the broom & the back … Continue reading

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Half Assed Needle Turn Tutorial

I have finally started on my Baltimore Halloween Quilt. I neglected to take some necessary pictures hoping that I could link to video tutorials to show you the finer points of the actual stitch I use. Couldn’t find a single … Continue reading

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Off to a good start

Gah, the colors photographed badly.  Eh, I’ll get over it. LK’s Double Flips ’08 are this year’s monthly project, I’m stitching them all together on one piece of Bo Peep Pink 28ct. Lugana. So fast compared to HoHRH. 😉 I … Continue reading

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Fair Winds & Godspeed

Pirate Quilt. I know I’ll see you again – but we are at quits you & I. I finished the binding last night while watching Star Trek (the new one – fun!) and this morning I made the co-ordinating pillow … Continue reading

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It wouldn't have taken much…

for yesterday to be better than Thursday. But turns out it was a good day by just about any measure. And it snowed in Houston! Nothing stuck for more than a hour where I live, but I was loving it. … Continue reading

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Mirabilia & pincushions

Thanks everyone for all the nice words about the pincushion. BBD’s method can be found in the Tis Halloween booklet. And since I use their directions I don’t feel right about showing how I did it following their directions. But … Continue reading

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Still here

And I had been so good about posting at least every other day. Anywho… Monday stitched HOE ornie, and I finished it yesterday. Love love love how it turned out. Although I have to say making sure the straight lines … Continue reading

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