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It's killing me…

not being able to share my finishes for Halloween! I finished another project for y’all & have another 1/2 completed. And! I also finished my HOE Halloween exchange. I’m very sad about this, I want to keep it. Dh the … Continue reading

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I of course have already thown my name into the hat (and picked my most wanted too) but because I would feel guilty if I won (for about 5 seconds – I’m a total book whore, I have 100’s of … Continue reading

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Memaid update

Well I spent all day Saturday communing with my Kindle & my recliner. It was bliss. I moved a bunch of old .pdf ebooks over to the Kindle and sped read/re-read a few of them. And then I fell face … Continue reading

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Oh Noes!!!!11!!!1!

My Kindle is broken! What will I do?! What will I read? What I have checked out from the library? Bookcase 1 Authors A-G? Bookcase 2 Authors H-R? Bookcase 3 Authors S-Z, hardcover, and trade size paperbacks? Or maybe the … Continue reading

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Juicy Fruit

It’s gonna move ya! Juicy Fruit It gets right to ya! Juicy Fruit, the taste, the taste, the taste is gonna move ya! Ha Ha! Now it’s stuck in your head too. Stitched the vine & juicy fruits tonight. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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Little bit here & there

I really haven’t been wasting much time the past few days. It seems like I’m always doing something. Stitching, cleaning, reading, nails, laundry, plotting… First up the MiraRR. I do want to make something a bit clearer, yes the pixies … Continue reading

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All kinds of crazy

First trying (and failing) to stitch and finish something starting at 7:30 this morning to have it done by noon. I did get it finished, around 3, but not in the way I had originally planned. I could bore you … Continue reading

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Ok! You ready?

Got tons to post so here goes: Fair & Square #8 Exchange: I stitched this for Tuula (Familiar Stitches over in the blog roll). I did the “T” diamond from Blue Ribbon Designs, Black Velvet Inscription Sampler. While I once … Continue reading

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How long can it be "new"?

When just about every post for a week has been about ANB. A little bit more done… Haven’t worked on it yet today because I’ve been out spoiling myself. As usual. The first is my new pedi, OPI’s Rinse Charming … Continue reading

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Stitching for baby

My bestest most favorite cousin Rachel is having a baby! Yes, the cousin the ill fated baby shower was for. She’s due in early May so I was trying to get a jump on her baby’s sampler. Sam Sarah’s Sweet … Continue reading

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