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26th Day of Halloween

Today’s Teaser – I’m bored, let’s do something different. You’re getting a Scissor Crypt. But! I’m going to add a needle minder (guess who underestimated the appeal?) And the extra super fun bonus? You get to pick which one you … Continue reading

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February is 28 days

so it’s not even close to a month of me not posting right? Whatever. Let’s see what have I been up to? Not a whole lot. Reading reading reading. Posting more irrelevant ┬ádrivel to Facebook. ┬áBeing bad and buying a … Continue reading

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Got some pretty pictures for you!

My squee moment for yesterday: Nice huh? Makes me want to stitch it again for myself rightthisminute. I’ll call Jill this morning and make sure she’s the right billing info (why do CC companies have to change your card # … Continue reading

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