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This is what a productive weekend looks like

at least at my house. I’ve finished stitching on the Mira RRs!!! The treasures etc that I had to order for Gardenia arrived Friday so I took the hint and got to stitching. Little miss is blinged out! She fits … Continue reading

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The too big, all in one post

Let’s just get right to it. Hooked on Exchanging Winter House Exchange: From Janet Love this, Little House Needleworks on a book/box. Brilliant! Janet really paid attention to detail & it shows in a wonderful finish. I stitched two of … Continue reading

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February is 28 days

so it’s not even close to a month of me not posting right? Whatever. Let’s see what have I been up to? Not a whole lot. Reading reading reading. Posting more irrelevant ┬ádrivel to Facebook. ┬áBeing bad and buying a … Continue reading

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Weekly update

I suppose I should just admit that I’m only posting weekly now. Maybe once I pick up steam stitching again I’ll post more often. But I do have things to share. I started on Jenn’s Mirabilia RR. The white blob … Continue reading

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Reading more than stitching

Which means I don’t have much to blog about. But I finally do have a little something. I finished my latest Mirabilia RR piece & my replacement Fair & Square arrived! Thank you Janice! Aren’t they cute? They’re even better … Continue reading

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Mirabilia & pincushions

Thanks everyone for all the nice words about the pincushion. BBD’s method can be found in the Tis Halloween booklet. And since I use their directions I don’t feel right about showing how I did it following their directions. But … Continue reading

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My reward

I *had to* hit the LNS today to pick up some necessary beads and as usual a few other things followed me home. Jenny Bean!!!!!!!!!!!! No threads, while I love the color names and like the colors themselves; I hate … Continue reading

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