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My reward

I *had to* hit the LNS today to pick up some necessary beads and as usual a few other things followed me home. Jenny Bean!!!!!!!!!!!! No threads, while I love the color names and like the colors themselves; I hate … Continue reading

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Would you look at this?!

Jenn posted over on her blog my fantabulous Mirabilia RR. I am thrilled to death. Jenn stitched Poppy,  Sophia stitched Tiger Lily, Annette stitched Sweet Pea & I stitched Lilac. And look over to the right… the first of my … Continue reading

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In case you're wondering

It’s a lantern. What you thought my first shot would be a whole fairy? I started on the far right hand side. I’ll stitch the lanterns and then move on to The Leader of The Pack Fairy. I like it, … Continue reading

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A flurry of activity

Only 3 pictures to share but I did do a few things today. 1. Poor MMV, it’s lost it’s drawer (I keep all projects that have hope of being worked on in a 5 drawer cart next to my stitching … Continue reading

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M Happy Dance!

Started Saturday and finished up this evening. Letters From Nora – M. Stitched as charted on 28ct. Champagne Cocktail Flair Opal by Enchanted Fabrics. And since Mel was nice enough to gift me with this I’ll be nice too and … Continue reading

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pRoof of my bad kaRma

(didn’t foRget the R this time) Seriously, what is that 15 stitches I’m short? (Hint, the very last letter) Gah!!!!!!!!!!!! My LQS stocks Krenik silks, I can’t remember off the top of my head which flavor but I need to … Continue reading

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Memaid update

Well I spent all day Saturday communing with my Kindle & my recliner. It was bliss. I moved a bunch of old .pdf ebooks over to the Kindle and sped read/re-read a few of them. And then I fell face … Continue reading

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Cat, Hawk, Mermaid, & Is That A Goose?

My husband’s cat once again trying to usurp. Just because your paw is on it, doesn’t make it yours. Don’t be fooled, she is not cute. She is Evil. I did finish block 8 last night. Two changes (remember I’m … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Mermaid Revisited

I finished my Summer House exchange for HOE last night, well finished stitching it. I still need to finish the finishing… and since I can’t share pictures of that yet I decided to go back and add some of the … Continue reading

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Knock wood and all that, but I think I’m finally getting better. 😀 Maybe all your good thoughts & the flowers Mom sent me yesterday have done the trick. Yesterday I did a bit more stitching on Live Simply. Bunny! … Continue reading

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