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Day 10 Winner

Is Cat from Kitty Cat Cross Stitch Blog! Cat, expect an email. Remember to pop over to Annette’s for Day 11. This weekend was my little town’s Rice Harvest Festival. Look what the husband bought me! I love my dia … Continue reading

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2nd Day of Halloween

From chaos comes order. And today’s prize! Pop over to Annette’s, she’ll post day #1’s winner there. If I have time later today I’ll come back and edit and post the winner here too. Gotta run! 1,000 things to do … Continue reading

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2 months…

I’d like to say I’ve been busy. But unless being busy being lazy counts… As an apology for being away so long, few words many pictures. Lizzie Kate Flip-Its complete through June. One day I’ll get a good picture of this. … Continue reading

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Lots & lots

First thanks for all the love for my bead labels.  My very first LNS taught me that trick, the late great Thread Bear in Vestavia Hills AL. Which is Birmingham AL – the home of Hoffman Distributing & Just Cross … Continue reading

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Should I or Shouldn't I?

That’s the overlay of Mirabilia’s newest, Shakespeare’s Fairies on PTP’s Gothic Crystal linen. I priced it; omitting what I already own and all those green leaf treasures (which I think just don’t work) it’ll come to about $80 including all … Continue reading

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Prest-O Change-O

Before: After: I freakin’ love it. And this isn’t even a good picture IMHO. It does get the color but the angle isn’t showing the cut at it’s best. Can I share one of my favorite cheap thrills? It’s that … Continue reading

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Janlynn Corporation – Shame on you

I’m basically a money grubbing capatlist at heart. You let your domain expire, you gotta pay the extortion fee cyber squaters charge to get it back. You got a great idea, you can do it better – it drives your … Continue reading

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I rock…

Again, no posting… too busy stitching. But I am thrilled, both my RR commitments for the next month are met. Here’s Cris’s Once Upon a Time. Before After She didn’t have that much left to go. But that castle & … Continue reading

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