Tack-tastic Part Deux

See what I did there? Classing the place up with some French.

And that’ll be the end of the classy stuff.

I am a firm believer that EVERY house needs something tacky. Being me, I turn this concept up to 11 – every ROOM in my house has something tacky. The kitchen window sill:

Prism – yawn. Thermometer over there too. Hey, if everything’s tacky it takes away from the truly head shaking stuff.

heh That pig – gift from my husband. It’s worth at least a handful of change. Because it’s a bank! I’m tempted to shove a $100 bill in that thing just so I can say that pig’s worth 3 digits. His belly reads “To Support My Vices” truer words Mr. Pig, truer words…

I think I’ve discussed in the past my affection for toothpick holders. Not really a fan of toothpicks, but the holders? Gold. And this whale here was a must buy. Those spiffy plastic toothpicks were included. That’s like buying a car and getting the undercoating thrown in for free!

Now this objet d’art, made in Occupied Japan – naked geshia toddler and a vase all in one? Tell me, how could I pass it up? In honor of the Christmas season a sprig of plastic holly. *Love*

Do you know Maneki Neko? My big one is extra super special lucky – that baby’s arm moves. Solar powered beckoning FTW. Or the luck, as the case may be.

Well, that’s about it for today. Never fear I’ll be back soon with more examples of poor taste (and I do have to admit I’m amused and strangely flattered by all the love the first post in the Questionable Taste series received).

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Questionable Taste Part 1

First in a series of posts where I discuss my taste or lack thereof or maybe it’s all in my mouth.

Exhibit A:

I like this. Really really like it. Proud of the fact most of those presents are wrapped in packaging paper from the shipping box our paper shredder came packed in. The labels – free! Printed from the interwebs & it’s hard to see in the picture all the packages are tied with red and white baker’s twine – which I hunted high and low to get the best deal on. 100 YARDS for $4.90. That tree skirt? That’s the $5 job from Target with about $4 worth of jumbo teal ric rak glued on. Yes glued… I did buy thread to sew it on, but then the whole thing started to smack of effort. As in plugging in the sewing machine was a massive challenge when weighed against popping the top off the fabric glue.  My massive stocking investment, $1 stockings – I do/did/kinda sorta/I may get around to it, embroidering in teal Dad, Mom, Winston, and Kitties on them. Good thing Christmas comes every year huh?

(And no those aren’t bugs or dirt on my wall, those are the holes that have been there since I moved in, along with the ass ugly wall color I swore was getting painted over as soon as we moved in. 7 years this June!)

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10 on the 10th

This month’s 10 is the 10 best books I’ve read in ’10.

Some of these will be entire  series, I refuse to pick just one book from a larger body of work.

1. Stacia Kane‘s Downside Ghosts, 1st in the series is Unholy Ghosts.

2. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe.

3. The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson (Yes, those Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books.)

4. Sleepless by Charlie Huston

5. Johannes Cabal The Detective by Jonathan L. Howard (Second in the series, read in order for best effect.)

6. New Blood by Gail Dayton First in a new series, Blood Magic.

7. Willing Victim by Cara McKenna (I also recommend everything with her name on it.)

8. The Native Star by M.K. Hobson

9. The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook (Her entire Iron Seas series is recommended, TID is the first book – but there is a short prequel Here There Be Monsters in the Burning Up anthology.)

10.  Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, 1st book is Magic Bites.

Books are in no particular order – ok #1 is #1 for a damn good reason. Kane has done something new & wonderful in the Urban Fantasy universe. Pay attention to her & Meljean Brook, both of these authors are going to be considered defining for their genres. Come back in 5 years and congratulate me on my psychic prowess. I can wait, I can also say “I told you so.” 😉

All the others… just buy them and read them. Seriously, I love them all and it’s hard for me to stop at 10.  I easily have another 10 I could recommend, but I edited this list for popularity too. I pulled off some books, like Changes by Jim Butcher – great book, but the man gets plenty of love. Yes, Larsson isn’t hurting either, but when I’m obsessed with your characters… ok I could say the same for Butcher. See why this is making me pull my hair out?

I can talk for hours about books, remember I blog occasionally over at From The TBR Pile. I’m not much of a reviewer, but I do my best and I never recommend a book I don’t love. You can also find me over on Goodreads, Missy Ann Walker.

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All wrapped up

The last bit of Halloween was delivered! Check out Blu’s blog for pictures and stuff.

My little 200 follower giveaway… after chatting with Rachel it sounded to me like she needed stash (I know, we ALL need more stash) so I sent her a $27 gift certificate to 123Stitch her preferred ONS. Why $27? Well she also said she needed a skein of DMC variations & I like to be odd. I totally approve of her choices, I couldn’t have done a better job. 😉 Pop over to Rachel’s blog and take a look for yourself.

And a little something for me from Sharon! Going back and reading the post she’s already done about this totally makes me blush. I’m all like “seriously? ME? no way… well the crazy’s true – but the nice stuff… I don’t know about that”. lol Thank you very much Sharon for a rockin’ pincushion and all the nice words. The check’s in the mail. 😉

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Enjoying your turkey coma?

I know I am. Love me some turkey. And tomorrow is turkey & dumplings – ambrosia in gravy.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m so proud of myself. For the first time I made my grandmother’s stuffing/dressing. It’s a giblet dressing and fantastic. I personally would’ve preferred to stuff the turkey – but alas, in every marriage there must be compromise. Anyway, it is awesome – but maybe not for everyone. It’s sweet & very unusual.

Grandma’s (Dorothy Jones) Stuffing:

Box of milk crackers* (around 12 oz.)

Raw turkey giblets (all the stuff in that bag)


onion small to medium small size

poultry seasoning


*Milk crackers are very difficult to find, but they can be found. I ended up mail ordering mine from Famous Foods.

Now Grandma did this with a crank grinder, but a food processor was my BFF.

All the crackers, process them to fine crumbs.

Process the giblets, stop short of turning them into a paste.

Process the onion finely.

And the celery too. Now the celery – I use approximately one third of a bunch. Use the pieces that are leafy, you know the not pretty ones you cut up for the veggie tray. Only trim off the bottoms and toss those, process the stalk & leaves finely.

Mix all these ingredients up in a large bowl. You want to barely see the onion, you should have to hunt for it. The celery should be easily seen but sprinkled throughout. You should notice the green, but the mixture should not look green. (Can you tell we don’t really have a recipe for this?)

Poultry seasoning (I measured this! go me!) about 1-1/2 teaspoons. Mix it in with the water. How much water… as much as you need. It should be wet. Add until about as flowy as brownie batter. Maybe a touch less. Bake at 350 covered for as long as the turkey takes. Remove the foil for about the last half hour of cooking.

Trying to think of what else I’ve been up to. My Christmas shopping is just about done, little stocking stuffer toys & candy are pretty much all I have left to buy. And a gift card for my SIL. I adore online shopping. I am faintly ashamed of how much mass produced stuff I’ve bought this year, last year I do so well with a largely hand made Christmas. But boys & big boys all want video games and electronics.

Haven’t been stitching as much as I should, but I have done a little.

Ok, this one is embarrassing. 9 stitches of progress on Caribbean. Moving on!

There was progress made on Shakespeare’s Fairies. It may not be obvious but much was accomplished in the back stitching on the staff & the surrounding beads. Fabric is PTP Phantom.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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And the winner is…

Rachel! Congrats, I’ll be in touch.  And I’ll also post what the prize is here, once Rachel & I decide what it is. 😀

There will be one more giveaway this year, for my blogoversary next month I’ll be giving away Blackbird Design’s 2011 Engagement Calendar. Don’t worry I’ll post when it’s time, but I am considering pulling the winner’s name out of the hat in a different way – all I’ll say right now is that it’s in your interest to be a frequent commenter. 😉

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I love round numbers. 🙂 Yesterday my little blog gained its 200th subscriber – which means it’s giveaway time!

Leave a comment if you think you’d like a little something from me. I haven’t decided what it is. I think it’ll be as much of a surprise to you as it is to me, but it’ll be something good. The comment doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a simple “reader” is enough to get you entered.

Thanks for reading! I’ll pick the winner Tuesday morning.

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