All wrapped up

The last bit of Halloween was delivered! Check out Blu’s blog for pictures and stuff.

My little 200 follower giveaway… after chatting with Rachel it sounded to me like she needed stash (I know, we ALL need more stash) so I sent her a $27 gift certificate to 123Stitch her preferred ONS. Why $27? Well she also said she needed a skein of DMC variations & I like to be odd. I totally approve of her choices, I couldn’t have done a better job. ūüėČ Pop over to Rachel’s blog and take a look for yourself.

And a little something for me from Sharon! Going back and reading the post she’s already done about this totally makes me blush. I’m all like “seriously? ME? no way… well the crazy’s true – but the nice stuff… I don’t know about that”. lol Thank you very much Sharon for a rockin’ pincushion and all the nice words. The check’s in the mail. ūüėČ

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Enjoying your turkey coma?

I know I am. Love me some turkey. And tomorrow is turkey & dumplings – ambrosia in gravy. ¬†Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m so proud of myself. For the first time I made my grandmother’s stuffing/dressing. It’s a giblet dressing and fantastic. I personally would’ve preferred to stuff the turkey – but alas, in every marriage there must be compromise. Anyway, it is awesome – but maybe not for everyone. It’s sweet & very¬†unusual.

Grandma’s (Dorothy Jones) Stuffing:

Box of milk crackers* (around 12 oz.)

Raw turkey giblets (all the stuff in that bag)


onion small to medium small size

poultry seasoning


*Milk crackers are very difficult to find, but they can be found. I ended up mail ordering mine from Famous Foods.

Now Grandma did this with a crank grinder, but a food processor was my BFF.

All the crackers, process them to fine crumbs.

Process the giblets, stop short of turning them into a paste.

Process the onion finely.

And the celery too. Now the celery – I use approximately one third of a bunch. Use the pieces that are leafy, you know the not pretty ones you cut up for the veggie tray. Only trim off the bottoms and toss those, process the stalk & leaves finely.

Mix all these ingredients up in a large bowl. You want to barely see the onion, you should have to hunt for it. The celery should be easily seen but sprinkled throughout. You should notice the green, but the mixture should not look green. (Can you tell we don’t really have a recipe for this?)

Poultry seasoning (I measured this! go me!) about 1-1/2 teaspoons. Mix it in with the water. How much water… as much as you need. It should be wet. Add until about as flowy as brownie batter. Maybe a touch less. Bake at 350 covered for as long as the turkey takes. Remove the foil for about the last half hour of cooking.

Trying to think of what else I’ve been up to. My Christmas shopping is just about done, little stocking stuffer toys & candy are pretty much all I have left to buy. And a gift card for my SIL. I adore online shopping. I am faintly ashamed of how much mass produced stuff I’ve bought this year, last year I do so well with a largely hand made Christmas. But boys & big boys all want video games and electronics.

Haven’t been stitching as much as I should, but I have done a little.

Ok, this one is embarrassing. 9 stitches of progress on Caribbean. Moving on!

There was progress made on Shakespeare’s Fairies. It may not be obvious but much was accomplished in the back stitching on the staff & the surrounding beads. Fabric is PTP Phantom.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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And the winner is…

Rachel! Congrats, I’ll be in touch. ¬†And I’ll also post what the prize is here, once Rachel & I decide what it is. ūüėÄ

There will be one more giveaway this year, for my blogoversary next month I’ll be giving away Blackbird Design’s 2011 Engagement Calendar. Don’t worry I’ll post when it’s time, but I am considering pulling the winner’s name out of the hat in a different way – all I’ll say right now is that it’s in your interest to be a frequent commenter. ūüėČ

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I love round numbers. ūüôā Yesterday my little blog gained its 200th subscriber – which means it’s giveaway time!

Leave a comment if you think you’d like a little something from me. I haven’t decided what it is. I think it’ll be as much of a surprise to you as it is to me, but it’ll be something good. The comment doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a simple “reader” is enough to get you entered.

Thanks for reading! I’ll pick the winner Tuesday morning.

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The place where all the cool stuff is…

my stash. ūüėČ

Yeah, I went shopping. Problem? Didn’t think so.

Marie Antoinette. Oh yes. Floss toss on Silkweaver’s¬†African¬†Daisy. Planning to start soonish.

Quilty magazines & JCS (it has a Brooke’s Books which makes it an auto buy). My problem is I spend too much time inspired, too little time doing.

This little pretty followed me home too. The scissors are what’s shown in the cover model, I had hopes they could pull double duty in my Snow Queen’s Slipper set. But they don’t quite work. *sob* I guess I will just have to buy another pair of scissors. Tragic.

I do have a bitch about this chart, Samplers Remembered suggests that you use Valerie Lejeunne’s book for your initial (it’s largely hidden in the model photo). A book that costs $52.00. Of course you can use whatever source you want (& the designer does say that too), but I am less than impressed with the suggestion to go buy another designer’s work if I want my finished project to look the model that I just paid $35.00 (the case was included) to buy the chart for.

A few gals I know from quilt groups had a craft show today (mighty fine quality) and a few more small pretties followed me home. The long johns are the *cutest* thing ever. There’s a flap in the back and when you lift it there’s a little slit to tuck some paper money in. ¬†Took me about 10 minutes to pick a pincushion, they were all so cute, but I think this one had the most beads – so it became mine. The black & pink wallet is business card sized, now I’ll have somewhere to put cards instead of floating around loose in my purse.

And I’ve finally finished those damn fish.

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Only one left

The second to last Halloween package has been delivered to its new home.

Taken from Prairie Moon’s For Thine is the Trick and Treat. Stitched on 28ct black joblean with DMC glow in the dark (Cathey’s checking on the truthiness of that – if it actually glows) backed with black velvet panne and finished as a pin keep.

I’m still working on Chatelaine’s Caribbean, I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted. I should have finished with the reef yesterday, but I’m still plugging away at the last 3 over one fishies tonight.

I bought a clip on light/magnifier (it was purchased to use as an underneath light so that one of these days I can work on my Shakespeare’s Fairies without wanting to stab it with my scissors – PTP’s Phantom is a bitch), but since I’m loathing the fishies… ¬†I have finished one fish since the above picture was taken, I don’t think it’s making me enjoy stitching it – but I do think that maybe I’m a bit faster. Maybe. There aren’t as many color changes in the fish not on the coral. ¬†Anyway… hatehatehate. With the bonus I’m not dreading the shit out of the hummingbirds that are coming, have to do 8 of those little fuc…

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New Stitchy Nest

I has a chair! Many moons ago I had a stitchy chair, $25 auction find. We had a long and lovely¬†relationship¬†– sadly all things must come to an end. About 4 years ago it was retired to the great charity shop in the sky and I moved to the couch. I hate stitching on the couch. Really hate it. Why did I wait so long to get a proper stitching chair again? Oh yeah, I spent $$$ on brand new matching living room set with chairs that sucked worse than the couch for stitching. Alright, enough bitching – let’s have some basking…

Ikea’s Ektrop armchair with a dark brown nubby slipcover. The cover was on¬†clearance, matches ok with the living room and the husband liked it. I’m stating for the record I will be buying the red cover for my chair too. Love the little pillow, I bought it just in case I needed extra back support. Looks like I won’t, but cute is as cute does. I’m going to buy two more for the couch – the pillows there are due to be replaced anyway.

My Dazor isn’t going anywhere,¬†believe¬†it or not it belonged to my great grandmother. My great aunt bought it as a present for Memere near the end of her life when she almost couldn’t see to knit anymore, the Dazor gave her an extra year before she finally had to lay her needles down. After she passed away it moved down to the basement; through the family grapevine Aunt Lorraine heard I needed a lamp & voila! Now my scuzzy little stitching cart is another story. I am FINALLY going to stitch a slip cover for it, it just looks so awful and plastic sitting right there in the middle of the room. My scissor/ort holder is part of the pretty I’m keeping. I think Marie’s is where I first saw this idea, and IIRC Marie’s is really nice. There are fancier compotes (yes, that’s the word you want to search on – lace edge bowl is also a good search) out there, this is a ho-hum common one. ¬†But the price was right, and it works every bit as well as one that costs three times as much. The floor stand is a System 4 , I am feeling quite clever – using double stick foam tape I attached furniture gliders so I can just push my stand where ever I need it.

And proof that I do stitch, the finished the hummingbird on Chatelaine’s Caribbean. I’ve moved on the reef and hope to have it finished by Wednesday at the latest.

In reading news, I’ve been meaning to mention this for months – I’m also blogging over at From the TBR Pile (tbr – to be read). ¬†Autumn’s been giving away a lot of books lately and all the ladies who blog over there are also stitchers, so give it a look see next time you’re looking for something to read.

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Vintage Birds

I was at a local antique store Monday and take a look at what I found!

Aren’t they lovely? Hand done, on black velvet embellished with beads and sequins sandwiched around a hat pin. They may or may not be stuffed, I think they are, but only slightly and the stuffing was either very stiff to begin with or has hardened with age. ¬†I fell in love these the moment I saw them and I knew at least one would be coming home with me, luckily the asking price was very reasonable and I was able to keep them together.

I think as soon as I can find some scrap velvet I’ll try my hand at making a couple myself.

Also, I appear to be 3 subscribers/followers¬†(I keep track in Google Reader) from 200. When it hits 200 I’ll have a giveaway. Not sure what it’ll be yet, will most likely depend on my mood that day & the prize may even end up tailored to whoever wins (I’ll hold a random drawing) – we’ll see what happens.

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10 on the 10th

Stealing Annette’s meme, ’cause I’m cool like that. ūüėČ

10 of my favorite quilts from Festival ’10 (notice OF my favorites, and these aren’t in any order either – it’s stressful enough trying to pick just 10) No more words, just enjoy the pretty.


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I've walked miles and miles

Houston International Quilt Festival is¬†practically¬†criminal in its size. Massive doesn’t do it justice. ¬†And oh how I shopped; but the best part was the company. Amanda, Annette, Cheryl, Marie, and Pat along with bumping into a few other local quilting gals – Genie, ¬†Mary Lea & Shari made for an outstanding Festival. ¬†I was so glad to spend time with you all!

I took a zillion more quilt pictures this year than I did last, but those are for next post. This post is for STASH. (And I’ll have you know not only did I stay in budget – I had money left over – go me!)

I bought some fat quarters for my Sin Bonnet Sue project (going to use the hand embroidery patterns as my templates for¬†appliqu√©¬†patterns). ¬†I still have many fabrics to find for my girls, but I at least made a dent in what I’ll need.

Of course a few other fat quarters that aren’t for anything specific besides my satisfaction came home with me too.

And 4 half yard cuts of silk dupioni also found their way to my stash. I had a sad lack of Christmas colors and the red, green and gold certainly helped me fill the gap.

Speaking of silk, a few spools of #100 weight silk thread for¬†appliqu√© were also purchased. 3 spools for $5! The spools aren’t quite full spools, but even if they’re only half full it was a still a¬†bargain.

I live in fear of losing or misplacing my favorite pair of¬†appliqu√© scissor, so I bought myself a second pair of 4″ Elan serrated blade. Even if you don’t do¬†appliqu√©¬†– these are fabulous to have, I adore them for cutting metallic threads when I cross stitch.

There were a number of truly fabulous bead booths and from the very first one I saw these skull!!! beads, rhinestone and dichroic glass cabochons called out to me.

Another of the fabulous bead booths was by I-Bead and I could have easily spent a hundred dollars there, but restrained myself and only bought one book of patterns (amulet bags with matching needlecases and earrings).

These wonderful glass bunny beads (I see a scissor fob in my future!) a handful of vintage keys and bag of Halloween theme trims were also great finds.

Yarn is not forgotten at Festival either and this wonderful red¬†sparkley yarn jumped out at me, it’s another item that is going to find a spot on my Sin Bonnet Sue quilt.

And then there are the patterns! So very many ideas! ¬†The Holiday 2010-2011 Quilting Arts Magazine Gifts issue. There is a reindeer tree skirt in there… you can ask Cheryl! I screamed like a little girl when I saw the model and ran to the booth. Unfortunately I did not realize the technique is painting on cotton; fortunately the pattern – I can use it for¬†appliqu√©¬†¬†just as easily.

Primitive Gatherings was there with a stunning collection of pretties again this year. And a wool table runner with an autumn theme and owls was my purchase there.

Dash Away the pattern with Santa & his reindeer did make it home with me this year, last year I *almost* bought it. I figured if I dared to pass it up again it would go out of print on me just to teach me a lesson. And well, when you like a pattern for 2 years – you really should buy it.

Like I need another purse – But this bag by Fabric Creations just had too many pockets to pass up.

Abbey Lane Quilts were also there with a booth. And it was meant to be. One of my local quilting groups is doing a black and white fat quarter exchange in December. The Lady Madonna quilt uses 16 black and white fat quarters and I adore the design, you see it has a huge appliqué on it! Their Glad All Over quilt pattern was also a favorite of mine, in fact it was on my wishlist Рbut I had forgotten Abbey Lane was the designer and I was so excited when I realized they had the pattern and the model there at Festival. And since the show special was 3 for $25  Рwho am I to pass up a discount? I added My Dear Prudence to my bag.

If you haven’t figured it out by now –¬†appliqu√©¬†is my quilting love. ūüôā ¬†So that’s my market report. I’ll have post with actual quilt pictures up in a few days.

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