Starts October 1st

Ends October 31st Halloween

Annette’s Acre will host giveaways on ODD number dates

Deep Inside Missy will host giveaways on EVEN number dates

All times are US Central for my blog. Annette’s are US Mountain

Please address all emails about the giveaway to this email:


How to enter:

Comment on that day’s post.  = 1 entry

Comment again that you’ve mentioned the giveaway that day on your blog. = 1 entry Example: Somewhere in a post on your blog “Don’t forget the 31 Days of Halloween giveaway @ Deep Inside Missy & Annette’s Acre“. Of course feel free to use your own words to pimp promote the giveaway. 😉

Host the linking button on your blog and comment everyday will get you 13 entries for the Grand Prize on Halloween.

The button (please do not hotlink):

Totaling up to 2 entries per day per person.

If you have commented everyday and host the button you will automatically be entered into the drawing 13 times on Halloween!

You may only win twice. If you win any day 1-30 you can not win again until Halloween. Feel free to keep commenting each day to receive the automatic 13 entries on Halloween.

If you mention Annette or I on your blog that day please post a second comment on that day’s post so we know to enter you twice.

If you host the button you must post that you are hosting on the October 1st post that will at Annette’s Acre.

Of course you must post to the current day’s post. All this means is you are going to be hopping back and forth Annette & I every other day.  And don’t forget to answer the math question when you comment on my blog, that’s the spam filter!

Winner will be picked randomly.

Please leave your email when you fill out the fields when commenting so I will be able to find you easily.

Please let me know when you receive your package.


Please don’t bitch, IE: “I hate Halloween.” “She got a better prize.” “I don’t like this prize.” I am doing this in the spirit of kindness and generosity, I’ll remember that if you do.

I mail the cheapest way for me, that might mean 1st class or  Priority.  My local Post Office is closed on the weekends, so in some cases it may take me a couple of days to put your package in the mail.

Lost in shipping; sorry no replacement.

Damaged in shipping; sorry no replacement.

Lose a bead 4 months from now; sorry no replacement.

Expect a small handmade something Halloween in theme by me, do not expect a 11×14 framed sampler or a hand knit sweater.  Some items will repeat, others will not. It’s all luck of the draw.

Non smoking household,  but far from cat free.  I do try to pick off as much cat hair as possible.  If you are hyper allergic to cats you many not want to enter.

2010 Winners:

Day 1 Cindy De Rosa

Day 2 Nicole

Day 3 Melissa

Day 4 Katrina

Day 5 Bella

Day 6 Rachel

Day 7 Sadie

Day 8 Cindi

Day 9 Myra

Day 10 – Cat

Day 11 – Kielrain

Day 12 – Melanie S.

Day 13 – Kathy

Day 14 – Dawn

Day 15 – Laura Wilson

Day 16 – Cymberleah/Kim

Day 17 – Kathy K.

Day 18 – Judy SC

Day 19 – Cheryl

Day 20 – Erica

Day 21 – Catherine Michelle

Day 22 – Sharon

Day 23 – Erin

Day 24 – Sandy T.

Day 25 – Mary Jane

Day 26 – Lynn T.

Day 27 – SilverLotus

Day 28 – Valerie

Day 29 – Nia

Day 30 – Cathey

Day 31 – Blu

2009 Winners:

Day 1 Rachel

Day 2 Carol

Day3 Ranae

Day 4 Debbie

Day 5 Loretta

Day 6 Gill

Day 7 Cindy

Day 8 Annette

Day 9 Nita

Day 10 Patti

Day 11 Sharon

Day 12 Blu

Day 13 Stacey

Pictures of the 2009 Halloween Giveaway can be found at Needleworker.net

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