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As done as it gets

for now anyway. The Amber & Chestnut WDW are on order and they’ll get here when they get here. Until then: I stitched this over 2 on 28ct. I needed 2 skeins of the following colors: Amber Chestnut (maybe 1 … Continue reading

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How long can it be "new"?

When just about every post for a week has been about ANB. A little bit more done… Haven’t worked on it yet today because I’ve been out spoiling myself. As usual. The first is my new pedi, OPI’s Rinse Charming … Continue reading

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It's all coming back to me now…

I remember why ANB has been a WIP for seemingly forever. It is such a slow stitch. And the other delightful thing about it? It’s a thread pig. Do yourself a favor and just buy 2 of each color. And … Continue reading

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Back from the abyss

Long time no see, but A New Beginning is out of the WIP cabinet and back on the q-snaps. Since last time (all I did all of these yesterday, I was on a tear!) I did the blue squareish one … Continue reading

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Fergie ain’t got nothin’ on me. I’m Crabalicious. I’m also caught up! Bunny!!! And lazy daises. I love stitching those. And the carrot, so cute… I have also just scored my very own copy of Nigella’s How To Eat and … Continue reading

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I'm going to Pompeii!

Sorta… MFAH is hosting an exhibit: Pompeii: Tales from an Eruption and all of us (dh & ds) are going this Friday. They’re not allowing any photography so I’ll probably spring for the $25 catalog. I’m willing to bet it’ll … Continue reading

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Fantasy Exchange

I really was stitching and doing useful (kinda, sorta, well maybe…) stuff while I wasn’t posting. Over on the Rotation Stitchers BB there was a Fantasy Exchange. I was *only* 6 days late mailing. Cross My Heart’s Fall Dragon, stitched on 28ct? black … Continue reading

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The boys are here!

(we’ll just gloss over the little I haven’t posted in over a month thing…) Parker James: And it was done 2 days before he turned 1 month. Not bad if I say so myself. And because he’s family and absolutely … Continue reading

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