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I'm such a hausfrau

Excitement in Missy World today: My new baby! A Dyson 14 Animal. With dirt! (It came new, but I used it even before I could snap a picture.) I’m super happy about the deal I got on this, after 30% … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday cake, missing 2 of its malted milk balls within 5 minutes of entering the house. No it wasn’t me! T’was the dh! No biggie, I don’t even like them. So the dh & the ds took me out … Continue reading

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Catch The Wind

Second Update: Oh she’s my *favorite*. I’m stitching CTW 3 times (if I don’t recover my sanity before that happens), for my mother & her two sisters. When the girls were little, the youngest was a blonde, the middle girl … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookies

Today in Home Ec I made Paula’s Loaded Oatmeal Cookies. I’d say they turned out pretty good. Dh has already eaten 2 or 3. So my cookies skills while still not good, did not suck as badly as usual, (meaning the … Continue reading

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December 21st is not a Good Day

I won’t go into huge depth here because I don’t want to bore you & depress myself. Dad died 2 years ago today. (In an ugly coincidence his mother died on this date in 1981.) I almost picked up the … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…

And the winner of my new start is: Catch The Wind! Oooooo ahhh…. I’m so glad I’m almost done with the ribbons. They’re too damn fussy. But so far the placement looks good, so I’m a happy girl. I spent most of the day (well only 2 hours, but it seemed … Continue reading

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Gooey Goodness

I am so happy ds’s school has unbent enough to allow food to be brought in for parties. So I made Peanut Butter Brownies Ds really liked them & they have the added bonus of being something I don’t really like. … Continue reading

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O Christmas Tree

Oooooo ahhhhh…. and I actually have some presents wrapped too. See miracles do really happen this time of year. 😀 And Happy Birthday to me! Ok, so it isn’t my birthday. But it will be. Soon. And I’ve been putting … Continue reading

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Not much, what've you been doing?

Well this week I accomplished basically nothing. The Christmas Cards still aren’t done. I didn’t put a single stitch into Deepest Love. I barely started my New Year’s Exchange piece. The laundry’s done, but I already need to run a … Continue reading

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Cooking, with a little bigotry for spice

As some of you may know I’ve been on a Diet. Since January of this year I’ve lost 71lbs. So good for me. 🙂 But to work off (believe me, I did not lose this weight, every ounce gone I … Continue reading

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