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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The 3 (awesome!) Downside Ghosts books by Stacia Kane are going to…. 10. Ash! Smash Attack Says: December 27th, 2010 at 12:20 pm I have a brand new Kindle, so YAY! My favorite book series of 201o is The Disillusionist … Continue reading

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Birthday wrap up!

Let me tell you all, I opened this package from Kathy Monday morning¬†and for the next 10 minutes the only words that came out of my mouth were “oh my goodness”. Seriously. Yeah, my jaw is still kinda dropping. Kathy … Continue reading

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Birthday Books

It probably hasn’t escaped notice that I am a book junkie. (not my pile – but i could do this if i wanted to) Every year on the Tuesday (book release day is on Tuesdays, just like DVDs) closest to … Continue reading

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A shocking turn of events

Ladies, I don’t know how this happened. Good taste reared its head in my household. Blackbird Design’s 2011 Calendar Footed compote for your scissors and orts! Two vintage* doilies. A fistful of buttons from the vintage button jar along with … Continue reading

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Tack-tastic Part Deux

See what I did there? Classing the place up with some French. And that’ll be the end of the classy stuff. I am a firm believer that EVERY house needs something tacky. Being me, I turn this concept up to … Continue reading

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Questionable Taste Part 1

First in a series of posts where I discuss my taste or lack thereof or maybe it’s all in my mouth. Exhibit A: I like this. Really really like it. Proud of the fact most of those presents are wrapped … Continue reading

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10 on the 10th

This month’s 10 is the 10 best books I’ve read in ’10. Some of these will be entire ¬†series, I refuse to pick just one book from a larger body of work. 1. Stacia Kane‘s Downside Ghosts, 1st in the … Continue reading

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