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All I've done lately is stitch

In one form or another. No cross stitching to show, it’s all for exchanges and can’t be shown yet. The Pinkeep Exchange is hitting the mail tomorrow and Fair & Square… not yet. I thought I had it done last … Continue reading

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Eye see you

First the Halloween Fair & Square I sent to Jill: Stitched on cream belfast using all dmc, Ezmeralda from Hatz Bootique by Brightneedle. I love the bats… And the goodies I sent to Jill for Halloween: My *favorite* part? The … Continue reading

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So much to talk about!

It’s hard to know where to start, so I guess I’ll do it chronologically. Sunday: A bit more DIY, this is a $12? (maybe it was less) auction buy. Did I need a vintage ashtray stand? Of course not, but … Continue reading

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Insert your own title, I got 'nuthin

Caught up on Crabby All Year: All together: I’m on a bit of a DIY kick. Well in the sense that I’ve lived in this house for 4 years now and it’s long past time for me to make it … Continue reading

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Halloween is coming!

Progress on the quilt: WHAT!!???!! I’M SORRY I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE QUILT!!!! It’s a bit on the loud side, but then again so am I, so it works. I attempted to piece the back last night. Note the … Continue reading

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Super Awesome Full of Win Exchange

My Fair & Square Exchange from my partner Jill arrived in yesterday’s mail. OMG. Lizzie Kate’s Hocus Pocus. Too cute for words and I love how cute the sig block is. Perfect match. I have to get this chart, I … Continue reading

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Power washing the deck

Which is what I should be outside doing; but I need a break. So here’s something cool I stumbled across. Wordle. Put your blog’s address into it and it’ll create a word cloud based on your blog. Cute no? I … Continue reading

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Just a bit crabby

only because the September block isn’t done yet. It is a *perfect* day here in Houston. Maybe Mother Nature’s way of saying “Sorry about the rain, here have a nice day.” We’ve turned the ac off, the windows are open … Continue reading

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It's all over but the clean up

We were very lucky here in Katy. Some parts never lost power I think. My sub-division was supposedly the hardest hit in Katy and out power came back at about 6:30 pm, so we were only without for about 17 … Continue reading

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Ike Update

DH is transcribing this for me.  We made it through the hurricane.  We were on the west side of the storm (lucky for us).  We sustained minor damage – much less than our neighbors. No pictures for now.  DH is … Continue reading

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